Monday, March 12, 2007


Just so you know my favorite number is 3. I do not know why, I just like it and have since I was like 8 yrs old. On to other more important subject matters...

One: the number of houses we closed on today. HIP HIP HOORAY! It is all ours. It is as lovely as the first time we looked at it. I am SO excited to make it ours! We are fence building this weekend and moving next weekend! Oh and we have SUPER nice neighbors at last. Rodney is the person who lives behind came out and chatted. Get this, he has a boxer named Santana - how random is that!

Two: the number of natural products I switched over to this weekend. I am slowly trying to get rid of things that are 'animal tested' or have too much "stuff" in it. I know that is weird but well looks who's writing this. It is going very slowly because this can be expensive. I switched conditioners - Nature's Gate and dental floss - Tom's of Maine. I know I will never be able to fully switch 'cause there are too many things I like that I won't give up but I feel good trying!

Three: Body Shop items I received in the mail on Friday! I love their stuff and would buy way more if it did not cost an arm and leg. I refuse to give up my Body Butter (I swear it is the reason I do not have stretch marks and damn it NO it is not just genetics...) So I got two of those and one bottle of yummy peppermint foot rub because it is part of the take care and pamper me program!

Three: (see I told you I liked it!) The number of times our house has been shown each of the past two weekends - COME ON people, make a good offer so we can sell this bad boy (I am not looking forward to two house payments...) While I hate having to keep the entire house spotless, it is worth it if we can sell it SOON.

Four: This is the total number of days we had spring like weather! It was awesome. It is supposed to get cold over the weekend but WHO CARES - spring is almost here. One of my favorite weekend moments: Matthew bending over to smell the crocuses! It was very sweet :)

Countless (hours): The amount of time we spent outside this weekend. We were outside more then we were in. We went on three walks (okay I only participated in two because I was home cleaning the house for the above mentioned showings...) Matthew went to the park twice where he had a ball - he went down the slide like 20 times and hung on the bars - he likes to do that from tumbling class, I think. We spent oodles of times lounging in the front and backyards. Matthew's newest obsession is brooms. He will stand at the gate to the front yard and say 'broom broom broom' until we get him a broom. He is likes to dig in the garden with big sticks. We also met the neighbor's new dog, Sanchos, and their friend's dog, Louie. Matthew liked Louie and would stand at their fence and scream 'Looouie Loouie' Poor neighbors - they were probably like get your pesky kid and dogs away from us while Kevin and I were like "awww cute"! Ha, we are not going to live there much longer so what do we care (I kid, I kid...)

And that my friends are what numbers mean to me today.

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Jen said...

Congrats on closing on the new home! Hope you post some pics soon. :)