Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Party Update

I seriously told one of my clients this morning that if my head were not attached lately I would loss it. I was being dead serious. I have been a fruit loop lately. I cannot remember simple things, I seem to slog my way through work and all I want to do is veg out on bad reality TV and continue to completely forget everything I promised myself I will do in a given day. I sorely behind on a million things and I forgot to call my best friend, Annie, on her birthday. WTF.

I usually ultra organized but lately I cannot seem to keep that together. I need to find some new ways to organize. I used to put everything in my palm pilot - lists, numbers, dates, etc... but I have lost interest in my Palm and, of course, I do not have a fall back plan so I am left scampering about wondering what it is I forgot. And let's face it, there were one to many "things" I did as a "young" person which has left my short term memory shot to hell.

I am freaked out about Matthew party. We never intended for it to be a big party but on the other hand I also want it to be fun. SO now I am worried that maybe we should invite a few more people. Kevin keeps telling me it will all be okay but well I am a stress kabob. SO with no further ado, here is what I have done and what needs to be done. I think I am close to being done but I am not sure. We will see after this list...

*Get decorations and theme nailed down
*Invites filled out and sent
*Order cake & cupcakes
*Order balloons
Order main food for the party
Figure out what other "snacks" to have
Clean house (omg that seems so minor but there are gazillion things under that heading alone...)
*Build sandbox (okay not mine - that Kevin's job)
Buy gifts for Matthew
Grocery shop for snacks/drinks
Pick up cake (4/19 - am) and cupcakes (4/21 - am)
Pick up balloons (4/21 - am)
Pick up main food for the party (4/21 - am)
Decorate the house
Put together gift boxes
Kill my mother in law
Clean up after the party

The ones with stars I have completed. As you can see there is still much to be done but most of it cannot be done until the day of the party. Of course, killing my MIL could really happen any time between her arrival and departure and who the hell knows when that will be - on either end. Boo hiss to Barb...

I am going to order the main food - yummy Roly Poly! And I have some charming ideas for snacks that I cannot wait to get to, if I have the time. Or else salsa and chips and a veggie platter it is!

I love to plan a party but I just wish I had more time and energy. Maybe I will go back to the high octane caffeine rather then this decaf crap.

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