Monday, April 30, 2007


This will be short - it is late, I am tired. Have I told you all what I call Matthew? I have always had a bevy of names (just like Santana and Lucy both of whom have 90 gazillion nicknames but we won't get into that can of worms...) There are a few that stick around - bub, bubbey (I don't know I am lame-o dork what can I say), buddy, buddnick, little guy, Matt, Matty Matthew (this is a long story which I will not go into but suffice it to say Matthew is Matthew to everyone else! LOL!)... There are many more but the one that has stuck is Peanut. I have always called Matthew my "little peanut". Mostly in secret when it was just he and I nursing in the middle of the night or we were out walking or shopping or really anything we were doing together.

Well, as he has gotten older and bigger, I would say "you are not my little peanut any more, are you? Nope you are a big peanut now." Matthew's vocabulary is practically expanding faster then I can say words - some of which I wish I could stuff back into my mouth like JESSSUS or Oh CRAP but he will survive though he may get a few nasty looks from the peeps here in B-town after all we are kind of bible beltish here - he started one day to say 'Peanut' in a loud and very funny little Matthew voice. It made me laugh so now we have a thing. I saw "whose my peanut?" And he says "Matthew". Then I say is Matthew a BIG peanut or a little peanut?" He usually giggles and screws up his face all funny like and screeches "BIG PEANUT". He will only need a little bit of therapy when he is older, see?

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