Saturday, May 5, 2007

Random Odds 'N Ends

It is Saturday today. So not to confuse you with any other day of the week... It is a lovely day out despite the weather forecast which said storms all day. I thought earlier today that I would prefer storms all night and low and behold someone listened to me and seems to have responded. Thank you omniscient one(s)??

Our happy little family FINALLY got our asses out of bed this morning (after a semi restless night - first Matthew whom I think is working on an evil molar then Santana who is just a pain sometimes at night...) and went to the Farmer's Market. That ruled. I love that place and I cannot believe we have waited something like five weeks to get there. We bought some yummy looking tomatoes and red leaf lettuce, asparagus and this freaking unbelievable goat cheese. It is better then cream cheese any day of the year but pricey - whatev. I had to hold back from buying eggs, maple syrup and meat which I oh so desired to buy but held back on having already dropped a pretty penny for the above mentioned items plus some treats from Bloomingfoods & coffee (the essential farmer's market item of course.) Then we all traipsed home to drop Daddy off to run errands and Matthew & I went to the Y for swim class.

Swim class is so freaking much fun these days. I loved introducing Matthew to the water at a young age but I would be so tired after swimming back then I wanted to cry. These days he gets it. He kicks, uses his arms, blows bubbles (see teaching him how to blow raspberries did pay off, ha!) and he most loves the old jump off the wall to Mommy thing. Swim class used to be a two person sport but now I can pretty easily handle it on my own. In fact the past two weekends I have been on my own and it has been fun. Matthew and I have the same affinity for long hot showers after being in the pool so we do that then we get ready and walk VERY slowly back to the car whilst Matthew enjoys his snack and every nook and cranny along the way (unless I get a good spot then it is two second walk!)

Kevin took Santana to get his Kennel Cough vaccine as the D-O-G-S will be staying in the kennel during our trip to Washington in a few weeks. Kevin also managed to talk the lady into giving him a bunch of Sentinel without making an appt for the dogs - SCORE! AND he picked up the... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! new EXERCISE BIKE! Hippity Hip HOORAY! A recumbent Schwinn Bike y'all. It is Kevin's b-day gift. I actually offered to get Kevin a new shed for the yard but he got to thinking about how dang much time we spend talking about getting in shape and decided he would shut us up and take action. No shed, exercise bike instead!

It is strewn about me as I speak in little pieces in the "study/exercise room". Can't wait to use it or have it put together you know which ever come first? We also have a weight set and a big old ball so man next time you see me I am gonna be HOT I tell you and fit and looking like I used to in those wedding photos I was poring over the other day - HA to that. Like my baby belly will ever go back to what it was but hey it might be fun to try, right?! Hopefully this bike does not become another dust catcher and we actually use it. We will see. I will post a photo of it in all its glory as soon as it is one piece - you know like three weeks from now.

Ah here's to everyone having a lovely rest of the weekend!

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