Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time for some FUN!

Okay, after all my seriousness here lately I needed to lighten up. I am hoping to upload photos this evening so I can post some new fun ones I have been taking. I have really been getting into this photography thing so much so that I would like to buy a nicer digital camera plus our little screen is scratched up somewhat on our current camera - I want to do some artsy fartsy stuff and learn about photography in the coming year I have decided. I have been dying for creative outlet so this might be it! We will see, I will keep you updated on that. I looked at the cost of higher end camera and fwww, they can be pricey. Do I want a new digital camera more then that iPod???!!! I cannot decide...

As for the lightening up part - I found this blog a few months back and it cracks me up. It is about the housing market in my old stomping grounds - the Bay Area. It makes me laugh and makes feel sad all at once. I am always astounded by the cost of living there and I am glad I do not live there but it makes me miss living there all at once (okay seriously if it did not cost so much I would be living in the Bay Area in heart beat but that is just me...)

Ah, so enjoy this silly funny site and please do not have a heart attack at the costs of some of these places. Finally, be grateful for what you do have because you would pay 20 million times that much in the greater Bay Area in a terrible neighborhood!

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