Friday, June 22, 2007

Seattle - A photo essay

I wanted to share some of the best photos from Seattle here...

I love that look on his face... the sheer bliss of a playground in Seattle (with a fierce looking purple ??? dinosaur who thankfully never sang any weird songs or danced at all...)

Pike Place Market - Mommy, Daddy, the Puget Sound, Coffee, Fish Throwing, a bronze pig and that wonderful thumb!

AM walk Downtown Seattle:
Like we would ever be able to "park" ourselves anywhere with Matthew

Toddlers are fascinated by everything... In this case, the HUGE cruise ship that pulled into port that morning and pigeons (oh and the crazy dude who chatted with Matthew pretty much exclusively...)

Mmmm... market goodies... I do wish I lived closer to this :)

Investigating the Seattle Children's Museum - a totally unexpected highlight for us

Matthew and his Oma - forgetting the past...

Quintessential Seattle...

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