Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To eat or not to eat...

That is the question!

Okay, I know I totally obsess over what goes into our mouths, I know it. Holy crap thought... what an interesting article this was to me. It tells it as it is... And yes, I totally perimeter shop at Kroger. I avoid the middle isles like the plague and just because it is organic does not = healthy.

I was reviewing some of the foods Matthew LOVED and it made me wonder why he loved them so much. I recently learned that on labels, sugar is listed in grams. For every 4 grams of sugar in a product that equals 1 teaspoon of sugar. Of course, the healthy (processed) "organic" things that Matthew loves have 15 grams of sugar+ in them! Albeit, organic cane sugar but sugar none the less. Note, I used the word LOVED. We are slowly extracting those items out of the regular turn of foods in Matthew's diet.

I am not saying 'no sugar' - I am just trying to lower his reliance on sugar. Another interesting thing that I read recently - if you offer mostly processed foods to your child, your child will not like the taste of the real deal. The example they used was if a child eats watermelon flavored candies then you try to get the child to eat a real piece of watermelon, your child will not like the real stuff because it is not sweet enough after the candies! Additionally, if sugar or processed foods are the bulk of what your child consumes then when you offer veggies or fruit they will not want them because they do like the "bland" tastes of those items based on their experience with the exciting tastes of the processed foods!

I am just fascinated by all of this... I am not sure if it is that Health & Fitness degree coming into play - I got a degree in that field for a reason - namely because it fascinated me - hindsight of course should be told - Do NOT get a degree in something simply because it fascinates you. Better to do something like that as a hobby versus thinking about it as a career. BUT I digress!

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