Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Promises... Part Deux

6.) Really, the biggest thing for me is that while I know others say that there is much less time for thinking about baby #2 (or obsessing over the little details), I am most excited to share this adventure with Matthew. And when I say excited - I have no grand illusions of how Matthew will act or re-act to a new baby (judging by how the move went...ahhh , I would have to say that I am glad we are doing these changes in "little" chunks!), I am still excited. To see our family grow, to see how different our family unit will be, to have different views about birth and baby-hood.

I am much more knowledgeable in some ways and yet I am still holding on to some of my naivety because some of that is what carried me through and I like to learn. I know that each child has an individual personality so I have no grand illusions myself about what baby #2 might hold for us. He/she will most likely be so very different from Matthew that nothing we learned the 1st time around will apply and that I am looking forward to. I have never met a challenge I did not like (okay some challenges I did not like in life like 5 x 1650s - that is 66 laps in a short course pool if you are not familiar with swimming, and you wonder why I gave up working out?! - as a workout for swim practice in college - misery but I did it and I did not complain... though I did liken that workout to childbirth after giving birth if you must know...)

With all of that said, I find myself looking ahead but wholly and completely enjoying every single solitary moment I have with Kevin and Matthew (and the dogs) before we unleash the chaos (in a good way) that will be baby #2. I know that life will never be the same from the moment we decide to start trying to have this illusory baby #2 some time next year. I know that by the fall of next year if all goes accordingly life in the Schmidt family household will be radically different.

SO I am drinking in (and drinking... just a little, perhaps!) every moment NOW. I am not counting down the days but relishing each moment I have with my "baby" today. This is the time to do this because by the time these changes come, they come fast and furious. For us, this was a huge part of the reason we decided to wait to jump into the baby pool - we like our little family unit as it is and we want to take each moment for what it is. Now we have our little blow up floaties on and we are hoping to learn to swim, enjoying each the process of learning - the pleasure of all that is our lives today and soon enough we will learn to swim!

...and while this swimming may not look pretty or graceful, we will be swimming in that baby pool sans floaties some time next year...

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Tessie said...

I would like to enjoy my next pregnancy more too. And not worry so much about exercise, weight, etc.