Thursday, August 9, 2007

Proud to be a WILDCAT!

I thought this was a fun & silly idea (plus as I mentioned I am sort of at a loss about what to write - please offer suggestions at any time!) I am not sure who this started with but I saw it on Messing with Texas' blog who saw it on Swistle's blog. Here we go. To all my undergrad peeps from NMU - GO Wildcats:

Kevin '00 and I '96 & '00 welcomed a son, Matthew, in April 2005. Matthew recently turned two and we had two wonderful birthday celebrations one with family and one with friends. We also bought a new house in B-town USA in March which gave us some much needed space. Both Kevin & I work at the same company and love our work. The weather has been lovely this past year in B-town and we could not ask for a better life then what we have right now. If you are in the area or want to connect, we would love to see/speak with you to rehash the "good ole days!

Holy crap, Christina & Kevin have a baby... yeah so you need a license to drive a car but not to have a baby, huh? Matthew somehow survived our semi-pathetic parenting skills and is now two yrs old! And ohmigawd can we have any more freaking toys to trip over? I hear it will only get worse before it gets better - yahoo! Day care - man that has been an experience trying to find someone capable of looking after our kid in this day and age... (Although on a less sarcastic note: we did find the right person who is definitely capable but if I would have written this 1-4 weeks ago it would have been a different story...) Mostly we work so we CAN afford that new, bigger and too expensive house for the market! Working together is great in part because we save a bundle by only driving one car BUT I can no listen to Dave Matthews cranked up to ear deafening levels so that sucks AND we only argue once in awhile about how the other person drives... Our jobs are great but what the hell is with this media blitz that seems to be attacking my brain about these bullshit mommy wars?! Why can't we all just get along? I love IN aside from the trailer homes and the fact that most of the state supports Republican values - UGH. The weather has been, well, freakishly tame for the Midwest - nothing like a little global warming to make the middle of the country seem more like CA every day (aside from the 110 heat index we have had this past week and the fact that the nearest ocean is a bizillion miles away...) Finally, do not call us or come visit. I do not want rehash any of those good ole days mostly because I cannot remember... I was usually too inebriated to realize there were actually days involved in a week and holy shit how I ended up with not ONE but TWO degrees from NMU... it just goes to show you what an excellent education NMU afforded me!! Go Cats!


IUBaller said...

Hey. Cool blog. Check out my Indiana Hoosiers sports blog at:

Go Hoosiers!

Tessie said...

AWESOME. I like how you ended it, "Go Cats"!

Jen said...

Yeah! Proud to be an NMU grad! ;)