Monday, September 24, 2007

An Itch He Cannot Scratch

Matthew has hit a growth spurt. We think. He went from 35 1/2 inches two weeks ago to almost 37 inches over the weekend. I already knew he shot up last week but did not think much of it. Kevin confirmed this by measuring him on the ghetto chart. So this may be slightly off but close. The reason we know this - he complained about being itchy all weekend. Yes, I said itchy. And he actually ate. A LOT. At every single meal. Plus he drank tons of milk and water. The last time he grew he ate and drank like this so I am drawing the conclusion that the itchy feeling he was having had to do with growth. Or a serious case of Poison Oak/Ivy. Which he does not have but I would not put it past Matthew to find an urban patch of Poison something and roll around in it. Can you imagine?! Okay let's not. Oh and remove your mind from the gutter with regards to the title!

With the wicked itch came naked Matthew. Nine hours of naked Matthew yesterday alone... Clothing seemed to bother him and he would say "no underwear Mommy I am itchy." We did not get out much yesterday. Sigh.

Additionally, this drinking thing - well as you can imagine he spent a lot of time in the bathroom. So did I. He is able to navigate the bathroom by himself mostly. He knows how to put his own seat on the potty to go poopy and he can pee on his own (and will take said potty seat off to go pee pee.) It is the washing of the hands that has become an issue so I along with Matthew washed my hand 989,3520,538 times this weekend.

I am excited for the purported growth spurt because it means all that 3T clothes we bought will/might actually fit him! But good lord, I can hardly carry the boy any longer. As Kelly said recently - "Matthew you will be carrying your mommy soon." I feel your pain Jen! Matthew is not only getting to big but too heavy for me. Good thing he is WAY into Daddy right now!

We also decided to get ambitious and paint our deck this week. Photos to follow. We vastly underestimated this project overall... The time & energy and potentially the skill this might take. (HELL I SAY IT WAS HELL...) Kevin cleaned the deck about two weeks ago - yes we totally procrastinated on this project FOR GOOD DAMN reason. It took us 17 man hours with both of us working either together or separately over two days and the whole thing is mostly done (we still need to do the underside of the steps and two slats that I some how missed - EVIL EVIL SLATS...)

We chose a lovely shade of brown from Lowe's that we both liked and rolled with it. It does look great and in a few weeks when the pain and anguish of squatting and/or bending to paint (writhing in pain) the freaking deck will wear off, I will truly love how it looks! Have you ever painted a deck?! Holy shit, now I know why people either pay someone else to do it OR just buy that fake wood stuff. No shit - I said to Kevin "WHEN we rebuild this deck, we are using Trex so we NEVER have to do this again." In fact the painting of the deck was made worse by the searing heat and sweaty temps that we are so fortunate to still have hear in IN... OMG, kill me now. BTW, we WERE planning to paint the fence too... ahahahahahaha

Oh and I have a blister the size of my entire hand. Next home project?! Dig a trench and insert stone blocks around the front yard to create a lovely paver edge... sounds like fun, eh?! All, this while trying to wrangle a naked, itchy 2 year old into getting dressed to go have some fun outside! Hooray.

Happy Monday!


jennifer said...

WOW! some excellent action with the potty process :) GOOD JOB!!

And your deck sounds like our old guest room wallpaper removal project. We ended up leaving the border in the master bedroom cause we couldn't bear to do anymore wallpaper!

And thankfully, our boys were born at good times - right at seasons' end they need new clothes in new sizes :)

Tessie said...

I fear potty training because I DO NOT want to wash my hands 20 times a day. I HAVE DRY SKIN! UGG!

That fake wood stuff is kind of cool, isn't it?

We picked out a nice "cherry" stain for our fence at Lowe's and it turned

Welcome to our World said...

Jennifer: You know, I thought potty training would be hard and it is but I think part of it is consistency. Once we got our acts together it made it SO much easier. Oh and a really nice potty seat. The first one scared all of us!

Oy, wallpaper. I would cry if I had to deal with wallpaper BUT oddly I like to look at when I go to any home store... STOP ME!

Yes, I agree about about it being a good time of yr to be born - we do fall and spring shopping and that is about it.

Tessie: cherry, orange... yeah so I would totally lay blame to the dude who mixed it. We had red paint like that in our old house. I misjudged (ah see a pattern here?!)on the amt of paint we needed and we had to get more. Same color patch, totally different color mixed... So is it still orange?

At first, I was all 'no way composite wood is SO wrong'. Now I am on the band wagon ALL THE WAY!

I hate doing the hand wash with Matthew for various reasons. One is the dry skin. The other is the clapping hands with either foaming soap in hand or cupped hand fulls of water. Ah to be two and oh so easily amused!

Jen said...

You and Kevin are oh so handy! I am thanking my lucky stars we have a patio and not a deck- sounds like too much work for me!