Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crocs on Crack

We are having a moral struggle in our home... or maybe it is just a struggle. For me, it is perhaps moral. Who knows... need more coffee!

Matthew L-O-V-E-S his crocs. But the weather is getting cooler, icy in the morning in fact. All of the flowers are dead as of this morning, sadly... I saw in the gray haze of morning that the beautiful irises that have bloomed unaided all this late summer were brown and crumpled. I passed the mail box - the pride of my flowering adventure this past summer and noted that finally those beauties aflame in reds, oranges, & yellows from almost the moment we lovingly planted them have reached their end... for now. Where was I... ah, yes, so these damned fake crocs that I bought Matthew to take on our spring trip to Seattle have become the bane to our existence. All of the lovely Stride Rite sneakers (tennis shoes - what do you call them anyway?) and cute brown leather uppers (???) and even the beloved Chuck Taylors sit barely used. We drag the boy out to the garage most mornings screaming for various reasons but mostly recently because he musssssssssssssssst haveeeeeeeeeeeee his CROCS CROCS CROCS!


So Kevin and I decided we would just pay the 'big bucks' and purchase some "winterized" Crocs. Like real Crocs. ...Not the fake crocs that I bought at Shoe Carnival (Please note my proper use of the lower case croc versus Crocs as in the name brand.) So I checked their web site (which incidentally if you are wondering is horrible and frustrating to me anyway - I just want to see all of your kids products at once and not all bouncing out like they do so I have to click one - I want to see them all at once... why O why can't I do this?!?!? If you can, tell me!) Which would you get? These camo ones (if so, which color?) OR these 'traditional' Crocs minus the holes OR the fuzzy slipper looking crocs that promise to keep my kid's Croc loving "feet dry for winter wear".

I was leaning toward the camo ones but as I look at them they do no look exactly like a traditional Croc (WTF is that??? A traditional Croc???!) which may turn my son off since he MUST HAVE CROCS, CROCS, MY CROCODILES ONNNNNNNNNNN... HELP! Yes, he calls them crocodiles - I do not know where that came from...huh.

Also, if you are looking for an amazing Fall recipe and you dig on Pumpkin tastes that are subtle and delish, I highly recommend trying out Sundry's muffins because OMG they are so flippin' unreal I want to cry with each and every bit over their most wonderful mushy loveliness with explosions of chocolate chips and spices... I am going now 'cause it is getting weird here with my description of these muffins. Love to all... Good day and all that jazz!


jennifer said...

I vote for the green camo ones (the darker shade) - should go well with all darker winter clothes & maybe won't show mud, slush, winter weather things as much as the other colors!

Kelly said...

I second the darker green cmo Crocs asthey seem to be the only ones that would keep Matthew's feet both wet and dry. Do they carry them at Smith's? Maybe you could make a whole game out of going to see the new Crocs at the store and trying them on. I don't know, I'm really reaching here 'cause I know how much your kid LOVES his crocs.

Oh, and he totally got "crocodiles" from Lily. ;)

Melissa said...

Yeah...Lily is guilty of the Crocodiles thing! I really like the camo Crocs but I, too, wonder if Matthew would 'fall' for them since they aren't like his traditional Crocs. You could always buy both the camo Crocs and the 'holeless' traditional Crocs and go try to transition him to the camo pair!

Welcome to our World said...

I figured it was one of the kiddos! Mostly that is why I included it b/c I was curious as to where it came from - it is quite brillant actually - I mean CROCS come in a pair so why not Crocodiles!

I think I am going with the orginal camo Crocs but I will keep the receipt. Something tells me Matthew might just think the search for crocs would just lead back to a well worn path to the back door & his "summer" blue crocs! ;)

Jen said...

My vote is for the green or sand camo. I also like the fuzzy ones too though!