Thursday, November 8, 2007

Do you hear those sleigh bell jingling? Ring ting tingling YEAH...

I mentioned yesterday that I have my knickers all in a knot over Christmas shopping. Please just let me say that I know it is only November 8th. I know that Christmas is a whole 45 days away. That I should not have my knickers in a knot because, DUDE, that is a long way off. And, I do not have mass amounts of people to buy for and we are actually sort of mostly done with Matthew's shopping but I am still nervous and feeling on edge because the people I do have to buy stuff for:
#1 live far away so my 45 days is cut down to 30-35 days (for shipping) which is still a long time so (#2) these are the hardest people to buy for. It does help that I generally charge my husband with the task of buying gifts for his own family. I will not, do not, do in-law shopping as a general rule. Plus what I would buy and what Kevin actually buys are TWO totally separate things.

Reason #3 is really the crux of the matter: I am sort of a snob when it comes to gift buying to the point of paralyzing me into buying absolutely NOTHING. A good example of this: when I am in a group of people and someone asks me 'where do you want to eat?' I am like a bloody deer in head lights. My response usually goes like this "Ah ah ah, what do you like? I like anything? Hmm, ah... what do think of ah what do you like?" I am terrible at making decisive decisions, and try as I might to change this behavior I have come to the rousing conclusion that I am who I am (like Popeye... only less cartoon-ish... I think. Also, I am a woman and I do not have those biceps when I eat spinach. SHUTTING UP now...)

Reason #4 is also another reason to be a bit deer in the headlights-ish - my family tends to be a little er shall we say... ungrateful about gifts, no matter the cost or thoughtfulness surrounding the gift. If I had my druthers I would get everyone gift cards and be done with it. That way they can hem and haw over what it is THEY want to get but I know some people think gift cards can seem a little thoughtless, no? Maybe not so much any more but I think to my mother they would be... Not me, I love me a good gift card. It is like the gift that keeps on giving well into the new year some times! That I LOVE!

I am just feeling panicked because I have no clue where to begin. I guess a list would help, huh? Some organizational guide to gift buying? The plan really is this - make a list, check it twice, go shopping this weekend and maybe, oh lawdy help me, the weekend of Thanksgiving & the 1st weekend in December (that will be a desperate weekend... I will be tense and not nice...) and hope that I can figure out what to get everyone on those two or three shopping expeditions because I have to go to Detroit next weekend and our Christmas party (WAHOO) for work in the 2nd weekend of December (at the Conrad BABY!) The weekend of the 15-16... ohmigawd, I will SO be hyperventilating if I am still shopping that weekend and than HOLY SHIT one more weekend after that before Santa arrives.

Is this whole post making any of the rest of you break out into hives? Hmm, okay maybe not.... Suggestions welcome!! (web sites, stores, catalogs with cool gifts for 13 year old girls, 68 year old artsy moms, workaholic dads & brothers, and even something for a totally impossible to buy for husband - WOULD HE MAKE HIS LIST ALREADY!?!?)

The hysteria has begun, I am sorry you are witness to this, my total breakdown over a damn holiday (and I thought I coming to love this holiday...)


LoriD said...

I can feel the hives developing, just below the surface there.

My family is tough too, and we all know it. The past few years, the girls (mom, sister, sister-in-law, me) have sent suggestion lists for ourselves, our kids and our spouses and we let each other know when something is crossed off the list. Since kids have come along, me and my siblings just give gifts for the kids. My parents buy for everyone (their choice, we gave them the opt-out) and we buy for them.

I usually take a day off work, go with a list and finish most of it in one day. Then, I enjoy looking for little stocking stuffers and extras the rest of the season. None of this happens until December, though.

Welcome to our World said...

yeah, I need to get some planning action down from my family - lord knows I have tried but it seems being ALMOST entirely dysfunctional on top of being ungrateful for the gifts does not help this. I even offer them a solution to their distaste for my gift buying - You know flat out asking "Tell me what you would like to get?" Then begging "GIVE ME A LIST, please please please..."

And then silence which leaves me to my own devices and really do we not just buy gifts that we like and think some else will like based on what we have seen in their home, etc?

I have developed a tougher skin and actually opted out of family gifts the past couple of years (there are other reasons for this course of action) but it was like a breath of fresh air to not be worried about my family and just focus on a few people (like Matthew) and the 1 person from work I have to buy a gift for each year...

I did try the asking again tactic today in fact so we will see where that goes... Otherwise, I am just going to buy what I think they will like and be over it all!

Tessie said...

This is stressing me out. I like Lori's idea to take a day off of work and take care of it.

Welcome to our World said...

I agree... that is the plan, right now anyway. I just need to get the list ready which is really the daunting part of the situation.

Don't be stressed out 'cause of me though. This is my own personal hell!!

Moose in the Kitchen said...

Perhaps this idea would be even more rash-inducing than the mall plan, but I'm baking everyone cookies this year. I will probably check for diabetics and avoid nuts, but other than that? EASY. You all get the same thing. Now shut up.