Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cost of Raising Kiddos

I do not want to bury the dinosaur post because I love it but this was just interesting and I had to share it because it applies to most all of us in some way or another: The Child Care Crisis. I have to say I would fall in L-O-V-E with John Edwards if he increased the tax break to $2,500 per kid!!! WA-HOO. Though I doubt it will happen - it would be nice since we basically blow through that pretax money in about six months with just Matthew. SO it would be 1/2 that amount with two at the current rate.

I have noticed a whole host of articles and television news stories talking about the crunch on the middle class recently so some of this is media doing its hype kind of thing but I can see it. I mean Kevin and I make an income that we never thought we would make together and we still have moments of concern and watch our money closely. We still both have to work. There is no consideration on our part that after this baby is born that I will quit my job because if we did we would be putting ourselves in a place we just do not want to be.

Basically, everyone is saying the middle class is not what it once was from retirement to health care to the costs of owning a home. Here is an interesting interactive thing about the situation as well. Mostly (and this just may be me) but I am fascinated by financial stuff and I am a total financial news watcher (shh, do not tell Kevin - he thinks I do not care, but I do!)


Tessie said...

The Two Income Trap is a good book about this type of thing too.

Freaking daycare. When your kids go to school it must be like getting a MASSIVE RAISE.

Welcome to our World said...

Kevin & I have both said that as well!

I may have to look into that book. I have read some articles about this subject.