Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Observed Personal Items

Sleep is elusive if someone (Matthew) or something (Santana) wakes me up at any point AND I cannot fall asleep at night - I sit and stare blankly at CNN or Headline News half the night. I wake up bleary eyed, tuckered out... wanting to just crawl back into bed for slezzzzzzzzzzzzz...

My brain - I am trying as hard as I can to function properly without too much "pregnancy" brain. I decided long ago that that kind of brain is just a state of mind. That if I choose to function properly I can and so far that stupid - er I mean strong attitude has served me well but why oh why when I just map quested the location of Silver Springs MD can I not remember how close/far to/from Bethesda that location is?! OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Like flippin' Groundhog Day.

Driving with me. Do not do it. I scare even me... Kevin & I share a workplace so we drive one car and generally he drives just 'cause I am lazy & tired. This has cut the cost of gas and car repairs but whoa put me behind the wheel whilst pregnant and watch out. I am getting used to the honks and dirty looks again. I was like this with the last pregnancy as well...

Being productive both at work & home. Okay seriously I used to be able to do more than one thing at a time in degrees. I used to be really productive - I almost felt like a useful member of society. Recently, I cannot seem to stick to anything besides TV shows (you know good stuff like the Life of Ryan, The Real Housewives & Biggest Loser) and a good book. Not even a magazine can hold my attention for very long. Work has been suffering for some weeks now - I just want to sleep and also the whole brain as porridge thing referenced above has really made me far more unproductive than usual. Oh and my god please do not stop our hell hole... or that is to say house. It is dirty and smelly and ugh... just gross.

Let us not even get started on the more disgusting pregnancy issues like incontinence because that would be TMI, no?!

You like me might be glad that I am going on vacation... Like I did not just take almost two weeks off at Christmas... I need some sunshine and MAGIC in my life right now - maybe that will get me back on track!? (can you hear the laughter from where you are? Yeah it has not died down on my end either.)

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AndreAnna said...

I can't focus on ANYTHING for more than 20 minutes. It's really bad.

And yeah, totally DID NOT miss my old friend, the Sneeze Pee and he is back again for a visit.

Kegels, my ass.