Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Zipping is Overrated Anyway

I wore my first real pair of maternity pants yesterday. I was desperate as the laundry was not done after our trip and I needed to you know wear SOMETHING to work. So I wore those. They are borrowed pants and I love them (thank you Melissa!) They were comfy and cute but really the two things I remember from being pregnant the first time - the ease of wearing maternity pants in that you do not need to zip. I mean what a pain in the ass zipping is. Especially when you are having a "fat" day! Plus there is the whole act of zipping and unzipping. Who needs it?! I know this "functionality" of maternity wear with wear off sooner rather than later AND I will be glad to go back to wearing normal pants but for now I am feeling like we should all wear elastic pants all the time because there is none of that fussy zipping up & down and really if you have a fat day you do not need to deal with it, right!??!

I am taking a photo this evening of the belly that has begun to pop (FINALLY)!

In other news, I had the 2nd of many prenatal appointments the afternoon before leaving for Disney. Seriously our physician's office is a holy terror. You can generally expect to be in the waiting room anywhere for 10 minutes to 60 minutes. I usually ere on the side of a 60 minute wait when planning time off from work. Than you get in the room and like all physicians you think 'YES, I have made it inside' only to wait another 30-50 minutes. And finally the physician. In my case a Certified Nurse Midwife.

This appointment was different. I got in within 10 minutes and Liz was in the room about 5 minutes later (and I was LATE to the appointment!) She listened to the heart beat (140 beats per minute) and the crazy fetus doing loop de loops in my uterus - she was laughing because there was so much static from the movement. Yeah me (said sarcastically - if this kid is anything like his/her sibling I will experience the karate chop kicks from hell to my ribs and lungs on a daily basis once he/she is nearing the end stage - you know the kind that take your dang breath away!?)

After that excitement, we had nothing to do. I had no questions and she had nothing much to say. So we chatted for 15 more minutes about vacations. She told me it is a SLOW baby time right now. Good to know, I guess (that because every baby in Bloomington was born in October. Those wily little Valentine's tykes ;) As we were getting ready to leave she said "oh and we can set your next appointment for about five weeks rather then four and do the ultra sound!!!" WHEW HOOO!! SO we all get to find out the sex of Baby Pancake soon.

In a related side note, (this post is a series of side thoughts, no?!), I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy seems to be flying by in comparison to the first. The 1st was all about waiting and everything seemed to be in slow motion. Not this time. 15 weeks right NOW, people?!?!? CRAP!


Melissa said...

Wow! 15 weeks already! I'm excited to find out the sex of the baby in just a few weeks! You're due at about the same time I was due with Lily so I'm keeping track of your pregnancy by thinking of where I was at this time with Lily.

I know what you mean about the elastic waist maternity pants. I distinctly remember the first pair of 'real' pants I wore after having Lily. I remember how strange it felt to zip up and button my jeans after so many months of easy on, easy off maternity pants! Darn zippers!

Welcome to our World said...

I know 15 weeks?!?!? It flies!

Speaking of flies, I remember struggling to REMEMBER to zip and button when I went back to wearing real pants after Matthew!?!? I would double check every time I used the bathroom because I was SO nervous about it :)

AndreAnna said...

I know exactly what you mean! I am 15 weeks now too and I can barely remember it going this fast last time - it seemed like it dragged and dragged.

Before I know it, I will be in stirrups! And I'm so jealous you get to find out before me. Just two days, but still jealous! :)