Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Hair Style?

I need a haircut. Badly. My hair is ucky. I have not had it cut since before Christmas like maybe even in November, around my birthday... My hairdresser moved away last summer and I have been struggling with finding someone. I actually have not even tried to find someone. I also do not want to cut all my hair off. I have plenty of time in my life to have short hair (and also spent most of my 20s with very short hair) so I am enjoying long hair at the moment. In a few years it may not be as acceptable so I am just letting it grow. However, it is boring, limp and kind of ugly, let's be honest.

A few weeks back, as I wandered through Kroger I stopped in front of the magazine rack. My hand rested on one of many hair style magazines. I picked it up and flipped through it and thought 'yeah I like that and that and that but those haircuts would require more work (and product) then I want to invest in at the moment.'

Fast forward to the past few days where I feel like I have instantly aged to 50 with hot flashes and cold sweats and the hair, gaw the hair needs to be fixed. I am at that stage in pregnancy where I need to start taking care of me a bit more. I mean generally during that 1st trimester and even into the 2nd trimester it is more about baby (for me anyway...) Now I am like good lord woman look at yourself - you are schleppy - what you promised you would not do with this pregnancy! Hey, at least I have not gone out in public wearing my cheap blue Nike flip flops that I usually only wear around the house in the summer (OKAY to pick up dog poop in the yard...) , my husband's over sized tee shirt that he does not even wear because it is SO hugely tent like and pants that do not fit. YET. But still...

One thing I realized from the 1st pregnancy to this one is that how I am feeling about myself is a direct reflection of what I am looking at in the mirror. As sad as that may sound, it is the truth. I can control my hair (sort of...) and my clothing. I cannot control the baby growing in my belly that is subsequently making my arms and thighs beef up along with the urge to eat absolute junk food and fore go any kind of exercise whatsoever. I cannot control the out of control acne. I cannot control the roller coaster emotions where you tear up for no good reason while standing in line to pay for clothing at Old Navy (true story). SO I need to take charge. I need to get to the hairdresser, or more specifically I need to GET a hair dresser and address the hair NOW or forever hold my ever loving peace on this topic.

On a positive note, the Gap maternity wear arrived yesterday and I am wearing the jeans. SO cute! I can also roll the pants up into carpi's for the summer so I am happy about that. The shirt is VERY cute but sleeveless - did I mentioned I currently have (always had) beefy arms? Hmm, well whatever if this hot flash streak continues I will be wearing that bad boy A LOT- beefy arms be damned! This is a good start. I also received a 15% coupon from Gap so I will likely buy some other shirts and one other (pair of) pants/skirt/Capri's/dress so complete the spring/summer maternity wardrobe situation. Aren't I fancy!?

Wait till I start talking about nursing bras!!!! It will be a stop presses kind of day I am sure....


melissa said...

Just emailed you with the name of a stylist to try out!

I'm with you on the need to take better care of myself thing. I badly need a haircut and even some color as the gray hairs are dangerously close to outnumbering the brown hairs. I've even been toying around with the idea of *gasp* starting to wear a little makeup. Although I will have to get help in this department as I have NO idea what to do with makeup.

Emily said...

I got a haircut about a month ago and it really made me feel great. I was just getting to the stage of not looking pregnant, just fat. But, walking out of the hairstylist with that freshly cut, bouncy, awesome smelling hair was fantastic! All I had was a trim, but it was so great. You are absolutely right that it will make you feel better.