Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweet Monday!

It's MONDAY!!! Oh yes that is excitement in my voice. I have never been happier to be back to work and on schedule. I never knew how beautiful the schedule of life was/is until it was lost last week to the hellishness of all three of us being sick to the gills. I am still sick but getting better. I think I have ear/sinus infection thingy. Who knows, who cares any more... I do not even care that yesterday it was 70 degrees and beautiful and tonight it supposed be slushy cold rainy mix of weather. While I enjoyed watching Days of Our Lives and A Baby Story, (oh only the 2nd time they showed a home birth - all the rest were C-SECTIONS which sort of surprised me but I do not know why...) I am just happy to be back to "regular" life again. I have much work to catch up on but I just thought I would say HI.

Matthew, Kevin and I were about done with one another yesterday. I think I had my least most spectacular moment as a parent in the morning yesterday. I was tired, could still not breath, we had tried every and I mean every disciplinary measure with Matthew short of (and I seriously contemplated this) tying the kid up to make the point that he needed to be nice to us. He started out like this at seriously 6:00a and he kept shouting orders to us, hitting us, doing whatever we told him not to do, (oh and there is more, I will spare you...) generally not being the usual Matthew. We were frustrated, tired and at our wits end.

It was pretty terrible. After nap, we had this whole new kid, or the old one back I suppose but almost like new and improved after dealing with the other child in the morning. Yesterday felt like the longest day ever - really two days in one. I am so embarrassed that I lost my shit on Matthew shortly after I rescued Kevin from losing his shit on Matthew. It was to the point where I ran outside sobbing and likely giving the neighbors a show. We made up and I told Matthew in no uncertain terms we should never ever yell at anyone for any reason. Gah. It sucked.

SO yeah that gives you some perspective on our past week. Things can only get better, right!? I started a new poll and put like a two month time frame on it. When will the baby arrive? It is where the old one was located so feel free to add your thoughts to that.

Finally Kevin and I did have a chance to spread our germs, I mean went to see Evita. It was good but we were both a little out of it I think and also were not very up to date on our Argentine history or who Eva Peron was. A little research would have helped but it was nice to get dressed up after being sick all week and go out. Next up: RIVERDANCE!

I hope everyone is as happy as I am about Monday being here. Talk to me on Friday - I am sure these loving feelings about being at work will, you know, change by week's end!

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AndreAnna said...

I usually like Mondays too - sometimes I think weekends are way harder than a workday and it's nice to get that structure back.

Glad you are feeling good. And I never ever ever ever had allergies in my life until I was pregnant with Charlotte and now they are so severe that I am on medication every day and if I miss a dose? I can't breathe. Like at all. Apparently hormones can change our bodies more than we thought - maybe see an allergist if all else fails? There are meds that are safe when pregnant.

I had one of those sobbing moments the other day when I realized: Oh. My. God. There's going to be another one.