Thursday, April 3, 2008

ALL IMPORTANT* Nursery Updates

I took the leap today (sort of) and bought the bedding for "nursery" today. That word nursery cracks me up mostly 'cause yo I live in a house, not a mansion and nursery just seems to HUGE house-ish but whatev.

SO after much hemming and hawing over what to do, what to get and with zero to no consultation with my husband or really anyone I bought this collection from Pottery Barn. Hopefully it all makes it or else I back to the drawing board (two of the four items I ordered are BACK ORDERED - Stupid Pottery Barn is always this way DRAT.)

Part of this impulse occurred because it dawned me last night that dang in approximately 4-4.5 months I will likely have a new baby to welcome home and surely we do not want to be trying to scrape a room together at the same time?! I guess it ultimately will not matter since we plan to keep Princess Pancake in our room the first weeks but still... I do want to get the room painted well before Miss Pancake arrives. Well, not that I would paint. Kevin would but still...

Any who, I ultimately choose this bedding because of the colors. I think we are going with a shade of light-ish green for walls which is what I always thought but could not truly decide upon. We can do pink, green and yellow accents. And I just dig the funky little birds. PLUS they have a big girl version of this bedding not that it will matter because it is Pottery Barn so I have figure by the time I big girl the room this stuff will be long gone. Most of all, I can do a lot more with green walls then I could with some of the odd ball paint swatches I looked at prior to finding out that Pancake is a girl.

Finally, I am in love with these wall sticker things that my friend, Jen, turned me on to. I think I might get some of those as well. I wish I was the inventor of the wall sticker because COME ON what is better then a sticker that I take off and get rid of once it is out dated?!

*Like you wanted to know all of this, right?! I mean seriously if this is not asking for validation about my choices... well let's suppose it could be worse - I could carry the catalog around with me and make you all look at the ideas with every choice that comes up, right?!?! Or come by your house, log onto your computer and demand that you look at my choices and oh and ah over them because I MUST HAVE VALIDATION! Hee-hee not really ;)


Jen said...

Ohh I love, love, love the little birds! I think you should go for the wall stickers. Evan is now noticing his on the walls and likes to coo at them. So take it from a baby, he gives it two thumbs up...or that's what I take his cooing to mean. hee hee

AndreAnna said...

I love the wall stickies too! We used them when we made her playroom. You can see the pics here:

AndreAnna said...

damn link...take two.


melissa said...

LOVE IT! We have the wall stickies in Lily's room. They are the garden bugs and flowers from PBK. Love them!

K and J's mom said...

VERY cute! Great choice! Love all those colors as they seem to be in everything pretty for girls' rooms! Happy decorating!