Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Bodies

Pre-term labor. Hmm, I hadn't thought it much until of course Liz spoke of it last week. She told me that funny knotting sensation in my abdomen was pre term labor. Of course, now I am noticing it more often as she suggested I would. I also noticed the more work I do (yard work, house work, standing on my feet to long work) seems to cause a more consistent pre term labor feeling. It is interesting to experience but not like "real" labor where when this occurs it just happens and I keep doing what I was doing. If it were real labor if I recall accurately I would be doubled over in the hospital hallway wearing one of this pretty see through gowns that opens to the side trying to not to scream and digging into my husband's flesh SO it is all good as they say.

My lack of concern over this seemed oddly disturbing to me for a moment over the weekend but like the rest of this pregnancy I have been much more laid back in turns over most things. The ripping pain through my abdomen - ha must be some growing pains. Oh the pelvis cracking in half feel - been there, done that. It is not that this pregnancy is boring in comparison to the first. I just sort of know what is good and what is not so good. I am still vigilant. Trust me but just not as HYPER about the vigilance.

The weekend was nice. It was cooler here but we managed to spend about 85% of our time outside in the cool sunshine. We went for two long walks. One where Matthew sat almost the entire time in his new wagon! He likes to go down to the stream and throw rocks and sticks in ("Pooh Sticks momma!")

I ventured out to do the groceries on my own but also hit Target. I've decided Target is like a leech. It sucks the money right out of me (rather then the blood...) I mean I went in there for some hair stuff & lotion, and ended up with yet another new maternity shirt, a toothbrush for Matthew and some hair clips... I also wandered the store for an hour even though I had limited time. It's like the red Target sign mesmerizes me into buying more and more stuff I do not need.

We did a lot of yard work. Just to be fair when I say 'we' I mean Kevin & Matthew while I watched or did other stuff like sweeping the kitchen or the patio for the 94,687 time or sitting on the couch because my exhaustion levels were high this weekend. The yard is really starting to shape up and I am impressed with Kevin's handy work!

We hit the usual Starbucks and Lowes. We also went to Old Navy (2 of them in fact). Both sucked. As well as the library. Despite being a week or two late with two DVDs they said I had no fines which was nice though I kind of felt bad like here take my $5 I think I owe you anyway!?

I made chocolate chip cookies that were nummy! I ate too many but whatever they were good and I have been craving them!

Matthew is a bit under the weather. That sucks. Hopefully it goes away quickly. He seems okay during the day but in the evening and at night he is stiffly and cannot seem to sleep well & he is sort of err ah cranky. I keep wondering if it is allergies of some sort. Also, when do you think he will sleep till say 8 am especially on the weekends? And why can't I reason with a 3 year old about the fact that it is tradition to sleep late on the weekends?! 'No Mommy the sun is coming up (ah barely) and I want to watch a show.'

All in all it was a nice weekend. Busy as usual but nice! How was your weekend?!


AndreAnna said...

I'm no mid-wife, but I wouldn't call that pre-term labor. That soundstoo scary! I get them too - Braxton Hicks. Mostly when I'm doing too much physical activity, walking too much, etc, and it is accompanied by the pelvis-cracking-in-half feeling as well.

I call them my stress cramps. My entire uterus clamps up and gets hard as a rock and even comes to a bizarre little point, but it doesn't HURT per se. But I do have to stop what I'm doing until it passes because the cramp makes it almost impossible to do much else.

The way we are in tandem with this pregnancy, we better have our babies on the same day! lol

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna: OMG! How funny would that be!? Sawyer and Pancake (whatever the heck her name will one day be!) would be soul mates for sure ;)

It is weird because I never had any real contractions (preterm, Braxton Hicks) until I was induced with Matthew so this is a whole new experience for me. I do need to watch it with the water in take which I have been horrible about this time around and I need to dig out those Iron pills and start taking those as well. I think that will help with this experience significantly because it is WAY to early!

K and J's mom said...

It's all fun and games until those BH contractions come more than 4-5 in an hour and your doc makes you go to the hospital. As you may remember, after my FIFTH trip into the hospital (following their guidelines), I just pretended I didn't feel them anymore. ;) Good luck!