Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rump Shaker

Rump shaker is better then the title I initially thought of which was Sweaty Momma 'cause gross!

It has been about two weeks since my last real workout. Not that chasing down and entertaining a toddler does not provide me with some form of exercise, just in a different way. We went on vacation and the whole not sleeping much thing took the wind out of my sails. SO today is the day I will start back to exercising. I need to get my butt in gear.

I did not have to do the dreaded weigh in during the ultrasound week so I went 9 weeks without a weigh in. Needless to say, the number that popped up on the scale this past visit was not exactly a surprise given the number of desserts I have indulged in nor the amount of fish and chips I ate while in Seattle but still a girl can hope!

I have been starving lately. Insatiable is a good word to describe it and being in control of that hunger is considerably more difficult when pregnant. It is the incredible gut inducing urge to eat. And also the fixation. If I think about it, I want it. And not some low fat, sugar free, whole wheat version. I will think chocolate or sourdough bread and low I must have that item. NOW. I also suffer from the dreaded low blood sugar "I am bitch" when I cannot/do not eat enough. I have taken to once again totting about little snacks in case I am not near the pantry at home to unhinge my jaw and insert a ream of crackers followed by a block of cheese into my gaping maw. Groovy!

No way to do a comfortable segue way so...

Isn't it amazing how kids take great pride and glee in little things? I mean seriously. I wish after going pee I would come out of the bathroom with glowing cheeks, a huge smile and my pants unzipped and announce "I PEED ALL BY MY OWN" to the world which will then be followed by loud praise from my family and/or coworkers and perhaps clapping and cheers! What a world this would be if that were the case. We adults are relegated for no apparent reason to not taking pride and glee in the little things but boy oh boy can a kid teach you to be grateful for every action or what?!

This morning, Matthew glanced down the road to the school by our house. He said "Look mommy TWO buses." By itself, you are thinking, "yeah so?" But what amazed me was he just looked down the street and in his head he assessed that indeed there were two buses and said it without counting out loud or asking how many. I have always been fascinated by the workings of the human brain (seriously and I will reiterate that yes, I am a total DORK) but children's brains are just incredible.

And really for me, the past week or two I have been marveling at children my son's age (both my own and the kids he spends time with at day care that is). Part of this has to do with the fact that Matthew will be turning THREE in two and a half short weeks! Where did that time go? To me it has flown by in so many ways.

Wasn't he just cooing in my arms so small I was scared to set him down? Now he is flinging himself off of our bed and I let him! Like it is no big thing. Mostly gone are the days when I suck in breath at every step he takes and I hardly ever make that weird gaspy noise I like to make every time he would fall or run into something. It is just truly amazing to me how these kiddos are learning to interact. To share and play together or on their own. Their little personalities pouring out of them so they do not so much seem a like but suddenly seem more and more different each and every day!

I stand in awe of my almost three year old and his little friends for all of these reasons. Just sit back and watch kids some time. And your heart with swell and pound (no, that is not a heart attack about to occur - I think it is pride and amazement over the evolution of growth & life taking place...) over the ability for that tiny little being who was once so helpless who has grown up before our very eyes.

Matthew teaches me new things every day but the one thing he reminds me of almost constantly is that we are always learning, without really saying or doing anything. And that rocks!


K and J's mom said...

This is SUCH an amazing age isn't it? Kate floors me every day by what she knows and remembers. Wish I could absorb in a week as much as she does in a day! "All I wanna do is a zooom zoooom zooom in a booom booom ..." (Man, I L-O-V-E-D that song in high school)

Shades of Gray said...

Ok, thanks to that title and Nicki's post, you don't even want to know the various songs going through my head right now! ;)

Here's to the dreaded ob visit weigh-in!

Welcome to our World said...

Clink with spoons full of ice cream Kelly! (indigestion be damned!)

Nicki ~ Heh, I remember my girlfriend, Sue, & I were dancing to this song on a desk in a dorm room at 3:00a my sophomore year in college. I think that is sufficient information to say that alcohol was involved... ;)

K and J's mom said...

Oh sure, Christina! Make me sound old by saying I loved it in HIGH SCHOOL! ;) j/k

melissa said...

Ooohhh, I had the same kind of fixation cravings while pregnant! All it took was hearing the words chocolate. chip. cookies. and I had to have some. OK, it's still that way...maybe it's not a pregnancy thing!

Totally amazed by the kiddos too! Funny how I used to run to Lily when she fell and now I just ask her if she's OK and tell her to shake it off. And the poor 2nd child...Cam isn't able to get into too many 'dangerous' situations yet but I can only imagine the blind eye we'll turn!

Welcome to our World said...

Ah, I so was not doing that... actually you would be younger right? I graduated from HS in 1991 when I was 17 so I was going to 19 my 2nd year in college so you would still be in HS, right? Or not?! Ekk, see foot in mouth, right?!?!?!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa... yum cookies. That is true about cravings when not pregnant BUT it is easier to control them when I am not pregnant. It is like my brain has no OFF switch in the craving dept.