Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forecast: Partly Sunny?

I have this love-hate (for lack of a better word?) thing about pregnancy. I actually do not mind pregnancy for the most part. It is the end stages when you start getting kind of hinky about the whole deal. I think I am just on the fringe of that at the moment.

Things I Dislike About Pregnancy (right now):
* Hemorrhoids... 'nuff said
* Constipation... once again 'nuff said
* Weird pelvis stretching, breaking in half feeling
* THE *painful* WADDLE I currently have (sciatic pain?)
* Finding a comfortable position to sit, stand, sleep... ummm exist
* Finding the position and having it last longer then 5 minutes
* Clothing that I thought would fit throughout the whole pregnancy that suddenly do not
* Same idea - tight restrictive clothing that I wear because I am running out of options and do not want to buy more maternity wear
* Humidity is NOT my friend
* Swelling in ways and places I did not think possible
* Being able to shave my legs not in that strange position I currently do it (ouch!)
* Weird blisters that show up on the pads of my feet no matter what type of shoes I am wearing, especially when it is hot.

Things That Are Lovely About Pregnancy:

* Being able to eat. And eat, and eat, and eat...
* Baby kicks even though they are more like full blown punches from the 4-ish lb fetus residing in my body at this time!
* Those crazy hormone induced dreams because they make me laugh most every morning
* Getting out of house chores (sort of!)
* Remembering that I have perfected the art of turning over in bed without harming myself or the baby!
* Enjoying each moment with my husband & son before that lovely baby arrives
* This cool spring we have had (knocking on wood, oh stay cool stay cool PLEAUUUSE stay cool!)
* Getting everything ready for the new addition - I like nesting. It is like a to do list that actually get done and I am feeling pretty happy about that!
* Long showers and baths - what a wonder those do for my aching body
* Virtually no acne this time!!! (knocking on wood AGAIN)
* Appointments with the midwife but more to the point hearing that heart beat and hearing from her that everything is going as it should
* Being ridiculously large but knowing at the end of the day I will have a lovely little creature to cuddle and hug


Shades of Gray said...

Too funny! I was just getting ready to post something very similar. :) I completely identify with that whole comfortable sleeping position thing. Does one actually exist?

Oh, and based on your last comment on yesterdays post, I think we may be okay. :)

Welcome to our World said...

Kelly: I thought that would be helpful! And NO there is really comfortable (sleeping) position. BUT soon one day soon I will be able to sleep on back again (and I will cherish every moment of that)!!!

AndreAnna said...

I just wrote a similar post about hitting 32 weeks. LOL

Mandy said...

I remember those end days of nothing fitting - (I bought a pack of XL hanes v-neck t-shirts and lived in those) -- I love reading your blog b/c it helps me remember my own pregnancy!!!