Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Patter

Holy crap, have you seen the price of gas??? Kevin merely pointed to the sign on the local ghetto (cheap) gas station last evening and my poor jaw is still trying to find its way back together. $4.16. I am going to need to find a supplemental income to drive my vehicle any more...

It is going to rain AGAIN supposedly (can we really trust those forecasters?) 1-2 inches they are saying. Holy crap. Last night however was HEAVEN! After the little boy who does not like to fall asleep went to sleep Kevin and I sat out on the back deck. We were entertained by the crazy flocks of birds doing odd maneuvers in the air above our heads. We took in the 1st of the fireflies coming out along with the sun setting & the smells of freshly cut grass wafting past our noses. The click of the sprinkler next door. It was pure unadulterated heaven!

Matthew is VERY VERY proud that he wearing whitey tidy big boy undies today. Do you think he will kill one day for writing that here?!?!? Ah yeah. Whatever, I will just remind him that he went around pulling them down to show people! No more Thomas or Cars for him! Mostly I think they are bigger and not cutting off the circulation to his lower half! Maybe that will help him to listen better...

We have those stupid little fruit flies in our house. I hate them and they make my bananas turn brown. VERY QUICKLY. Grrr...

I moved the dog crates out of Baby Pancake's room last evening. Now her room looks like the sales floor at Baby's R Us. We set up the swing and two bouncers... Not that they will all stay there but I felt this urge to get them out and put the covers on. I am a little obsessed with preparedness right now. I also moved the stereo that was formerly housed in the entertainment center that was downsized (because we totally did not think that one through...) The stereo ended up in Pancake's room, I do not know why. Now it has found a new home in the basement and will likely only issue forth strains of Jack Johnson, Raffi and assorted children's CDs from here forth.

I figured it out. I am 33 weeks, 5 days pregnant TODAY. I added a little thing on the right side bar over yonder that tells me how much longer I have until my due date. I stole the little thing from Diary of Modern Matriarch's site just so you do not think I am all original and cool like that!

Currently our house is a disaster zone. There is not one room in our house that does not need something or is complete. We still need to find a headboard for Matthew's bed. And ours. It would be nice to one day paint our room. We need a sofa table and numerous shelves. I just wish we lived next door to an Ikea. Why Ikea won't you open a store in Indianapolis??? PLEASE (said in a begging toddler tone...)

I ate two Crescent doughnuts this morning. I could not stop myself. (And seriously that link is from a quick Google search - best I could find to show what a Crescent doughnut is but also the story made me giggle. The last time I bought doughnuts there I was a little weirded out by the experience myself but dang are they good eats!)

My husband loves Jim Cramer from Mad Money. And this morning I caught him opening an email called "The Daily Booyah". I almost peed my pants laughing at him.

I have Father's Day all planned out. The weather is supposedly going to be terrific. I am looking forward to the weekend! Do have anything planned for Father's day? If so, what are they??


AndreAnna said...

My mother's day gets lost in Charlotte's birthday so Mike feels bad if we do anything big.

So, I'll just let him sleep in and choose what we do that day.

Jen said...

We are going to have sushi, Randy's favorite. Nothing says father's day like raw fish! haha!