Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Appointment Number 300?!

We saw Liz, the midwife, this morning for the first time in like two months! Hip hip hooray! All is well with reference to the baby. I am still pregnant, shocking news I know!

My BP is 112 over 74 so good, Baby Pancake's heart rate was 130 and I am measuring 36 in the belly area. All of this is normal or so I am told.

I am beta strep positive so that means an IV hook up during labor again. I figured as much and it is all good. At least I know what it means this time and while it sucks to have an IV pole to drag around while in active labor it is what it is.

We also scheduled an induction date for various reasons. I am not telling when just because it is fun to keep you guessing. A hint: it is after the due date.

Finally, Liz checked me (and um OUCH!) I am 1 cm and about 50% effaced which was a surprise to us to some degree! That is mostly what I was with M but not until closer to 40 weeks and it never changed even during those 14 days overdue. I am keeping my chin up and hoping for some good strong storm fronts to sweep through the area! I am off to drink some Raspberry Leaf tea, by the gallon!


LoriD said...

It's soooo close now! I've had 3 kids, and I still don't know what it means when you say you're 50% effaced. :-0

Welcome to our World said...

Ha, me either (I think it has something to do with the cervix moving out of the way BUT I am probably totally wrong!)

AndreAnna said...

Thinking good thoughts for you!

(But if you go before me, I'm going to de-friend you. LOL JK)

Shades of Gray said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait for my phone to ring. ;)

melissa said...

YAY! I think the effaced means how thick the cervix is whereas the dilated is how much it is open.

Walk, walk, walk! You could also have lots of sex... :-)

I hope Princess Pancake doesn't keep you waiting too much longer!

Bummer on the Group B Strep. I was positive with Cam but negative with Lily. I really didn't find the IV to be that much of a big deal with him but I was in bed the entire time and his labor went SO fast that I didn't even have time to notice it!

K and J's mom said...

C'mon girly girl! Won't be long now! We are so excited for you over here...can't wait to meet her and hear all about it! You'll do great!!!