Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Statistics of a sort

For the record: STILL PREGNANT

Morning visit: 11:00a (last one I scheduled in hopes that she would arrive by now but still has not...) Hope to hear I am beyond 1 CM, 50% effaced...

Amount of hope for this: 10%

Concentration level at work: .02% (is that even possible?)

Chances of being late: (can you hear the laughter right now?) At least 14 days and considering Pancake seems just as pleased as punch like her brother to stay in there I figure I have at least that many chances of being late... so much for positive thinking, eh!!?

PLEASE NOTE: I threatened her with no more ICE CREAM until after she arrives. It was painful!

Tubs of ice cream in the freezer: TWO (both half full, must have ice cream num num num...)

Most unexpected "things" about pregnancy part deux:
little to no acne, same amount of weight gain despite "trying" to exercise and eat right (I gave up again BTW when I noticed that whatever I did did not stop the weight gain), how different this pregnancy has been from the 1st one, HAVING AN AUGUST BABY...

My midwife is out of town for the day July 24th and the Douala is out of town starting August 5th. Must have baby around those dates...bahahahaha

Contractions: Why yes!
Consistency to contractions: No no...
Painful: Indeed when they occur (see consistency issue above.)

Cups of Raspberry leaf tea I have had:
Walks taken: a dozen with two very long hot walks the past two nights
Fruit measures: Two pineapples and a watermelon mostly eaten by me - heard it helps...

Hours of sleep I get per night: 2-4 hours of very very light uncomfortable sleep

Days till I am due: FOUR (or today if we are talking about the original due date)

Do I waddle:
Worse then a one legged duck on hot asphalt (WHAT?)

Is it time to wrap this bad blog post up?: YES it is (bye bye!)


melissa said...

Heh! This made me laugh! You still seem to be in pretty good spirits. I know how miserable those last few days are....but, you definitely only have a few days left now! Hang in there!

Oh...a one legged duck on hot pavement? FUNNY!

AndreAnna said...

This was snarky! :)

Soon, soon!

I have my fingers crossed for you.

Pickles and Dimes said...

You are too funny!

And 2-4 hours of sleep?!? I am practically stark raving mad after only 5 hours each of the last 3 nights; I feel for you!

Jen said...

4 days until you are due!? Sending labor thoughts your way....