Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Space Aliens!

My son the space alien (a la Little Bear!)

Miss Pancake's first trip the park

K & M riding the slide at the park!

Miss Pancake's first bath (sort of, you know the sponge kind.) I just washed her hair and the little chubby folds around her neck, arms and legs. She was lovely for the entire thing!

What? Who doesn't like photos??? I swear I have more to say then just the photos and I spend all the time I am nursing composing these great blog subjects in my head but then I get to tired to get to them or I want to read this great new book I bought or I am working (yes really I started back to work already during the nap times...)

Miss Pancake was up all morning today which is good and bad (I am tired and I think I just needed a few minutes of a break but I also enjoyed her big blue eyes and chatting away to her about everything and nothing...) I cannot tell if it was the relative peace and quiet of no Daddy and M or just me the milk truck that kept her up. Go figure K came home and put her right to sleep. She has barely stirred since he left... big ole fat freakin' sigh (if he could lactate I would let him nurse her and see how hard it is to get a baby back to sleep when the milk glands are pressing against her nose!)


AndreAnna said...

She's soooooo cute!

Jen said...

Working AND Blogging- you must be super mom!!

I love the little bath picture. She's so precious!

K and J's mom said...

What is cuter than baby pics??? Oh yeah, it's big (little) sibs with the new baby pics! Yay!

melissa said...

Love the baby pics! Keep 'em coming!