Friday, September 12, 2008

Really Random

I had my six week post partum exam on Thursday and I am officially healed (I could have told you this without the appointment but the appointment was already paid for so what the heck, right?) We discussed birth control again and I decided to try that ring thing. Has anyone else used this kind of birth control? I am a little leery of it over all and of course the caveat to birth control is a decreased milk supply when nursing... this could be a good thing in my case. Mostly I am freaked about hormones and nursing.

M is totally into super heroes. It was rather cute at first but now like construction equipment and trains, I am sort of over it.

The cool thing about his new love of Batman is that he has taught himself to "read". He memorized a book called 'I am Batman' and can "read" the whole thing himself. However, I think we trotted that talent out one to many times because he now refuses to do it. He still knows all the words to several books and I can see him moving his lips as I read a book. I am SO excited for him to learn to read by himself - I think he will love being able to read his own books and I think it will be fun to let him read to me now rather then the other way around because HOLY CRAP it is SO cute to hear my kid read a book!

Miss Pancake started tracking people and objects really well recently. I think she could probably do this about a week ago but I just noticed it earlier this week.

Don't you hate it when the tornado sirens go off and it looks perfectly clear outside? Yet, still tornado sirens = FREAKED THE FUCK RIGHT OUT!!! I will never get used to them it seems!

I am down to 142 in weight. I have not been doing crap to lose weight. In fact I have seen a slight uptick in crappy eating the past couple of days (which would coincide with my in laws arriving...) I am now 12 pounds from my goal weight of 130. However I did the math and I would need to lose 2 lbs a week for the next six weeks to make it to 130 by my birthday... I am not sure I can do that because I am not making the time to work nor am I eating properly. This is not a concession by any means but I am trying to be realistic about the situation.

I went to Target today. I hate the college students in our college town. It is official. I was seriously run over by several today. Two different girls in the same group walked right in front of the stroller like they did not see it and did not even offer an apology - they actually did not even look. They roam around in packs like wolves and quite frankly most of them seem a bit snotty. On the flip side, I am totally entertained by the conversations that I am privy to. Cracks me right the hell up.

Finally, dear over tanned halfed naked girl from the East coast - if your credit card is declined do not keep trying to get it to go through while you bitch to your mother on your iPhone about how she needed to transfer $250 today, not tomorrow. Just walk away - it is ONLY an ugly brown canvas hamper. Ha, and I am glad you did not get your stupid hamper because you never even apologized to me or even offered me sad eyes about the fact that your were LETTTING MY BABY CRY... while your credit card was declined FIVE times... SIGH. I was committed to the check out at this point because I was holding said screaming baby in my arms trying to calm her!

I spent $100 bucks on I do not know what. I totally randomly rolled Miss Pancake around the store while she slept and packed stuff on top of the stroller. I would have spent WAY more (I was Christmas shopping) but I could not fit shit on the stroller. I bought a new diaper bag that is actually kind of nifty even though I really wanted a back pack diaper bag. The backpack diaper bag I wanted was $89 (and needed to be ordered online so it would have been even more) and the one I bought was only $29. I bought M some new shoes, a TP holder for the kid's bathroom, the rest of Miss Pancake's Halloween "costume", a new book, and a Batman toy for M. I was mostly trying to get a sense of what is in the toy world right now. M wants a scooter so that is what he will get. We also decided that we do not need more "stuff". I have this overwhelming need to cut back so we decided to limit the number of presents we get for each kid this year and we figure this is practical for the future as well. What are you all planning to get for kids for Christmas?


AndreAnna said...

I'm back on the NUvaRing. I was on it for years before kids. Love it. It is THE BEST birth control I've ever been on. Even hormones, great skin, light periods, and I don't have to remember to take a pill. And once it's in right (which you get used to) I never notice it and neither does my husband.

I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks for the info on that Andreanna - I need to hear from someone that it works and works well without much hassel!!

Jen said...

Love the diaper bag!

And kudos to you for starting on x-mas shopping! You rock!

melissa said...

I hear ya on the 'too much stuff'. There are days when I feel like our house is overrun by stuff. We, too, are starting to cut back on the things/toys we buy for the kids. They just don't play with very many toys for very long. As for Christmas...we are pretty much done shopping for Lily. the cool thing is that we've picked up some really neat things on clearance throughout the year (a pile of costumes from Disney Store for about $7 each, for example). Not sure what to get for Cameron. Poor 2nd child always living with hand-me-down toys.

K and J's mom said...

We don't go overboard either. Our kids get several presents from us and Santa, but mostly get toys at birthdays and Christmas. (And from Gma!) K is getting my old Cabbage Patch dolls and clothing, once I get them cleaned up and out of the stinky garage! (And maybe a new one of her own) J, well, trucks, trucks, and trucks. He pushes everything around like a truck. Even if it is a BARBIE! LOLOL

Pickles and Dimes said...

I am so impressed that you are already Christmas shopping!