Friday, March 9, 2007

Leaping FORWARD into SPRING!

Okay, I know it is like a false hope of spring but it is 61 degrees here in B-town!!! SO EXCITED about this! Kevin and I even had lunch on the deck this afternoon and the tulips are coming in the front of the house :) Makes me feel oh so happy so much so that even if we lapse back into winter like weather I can totally deal with it because I still know spring is right around the corner!

SO this weekend, I do not know about the rest of you but this time change thing has me a bit freaked out. It can either work to our advantage or it cannot. I am hoping for a positive result in terms of Matthew's sleep patterns which we have had under some kind of control recently (this is said while I am knocking hard and steadily on wood.)

With that said, Matthew has been having some kind of bad dreams or something lately. The past week he has been up screaming bloody hell three times. The first time I went in he was just laying there sobbing and screaming "mommy" until I picked him up. The second two times he was just sobbing and standing there saying "mommy" (why is it mommy when he is sad and daddy when it is play time? The injustice of it all! I kid.)

At any rate, I was reading Matthew's birth month board on Baby Center that other parents have also been experiencing this behavior lately. One mommy said her ped said that is from growing pains to the torso and legs and another said night terrors and a third said teeth. I think it is all three. Matthew is cutting his molars - FREAKING OUCH is all I have to say. Poor kiddo. I also remember growing pains and those have got to be intense and he may be having those as well. He is getting to big for 2T clothes that we just spent a bundle on! Finally, a word on night terrors - holy crap, I think they are just as scary for me as for Matthew. He will be screaming "ouch" or "stop, no more" or (and this is the worst) "help me" over and over again. I am like 'OMG who is hurting my baby' as I run in there!!! He is usually okay and once we are there, he calms down and goes back to sleep but man oh man what a horrid way to wake up in the middle of the night...

Not to rapidly change subjects but I must get back to work. Happy PRETEND Spring to everyone!

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Jen said...

I love your BLOG! It's so fun to read about what's new in Bloomington. :)

Hugs to you all!