Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Birthday ALERT!

So over the weekend I had a wake up call - my little baby is going to be TWO in like oh FOURTY THREE DAYS, people! I am SO unprepared. First of all, we trying to make this F*&$^&ing move. God knows why we decided to do this AT ALL. Don't get me wrong I am excited for the shiny new, larger improved home but OMG, it may be the death of me (I just keep reminding myself - stainless steel appliances, 2800 sq ft, a place for guests to sleep so I do not have to share my computer with anyone... but some how even these things are not doing it for me...)

At any rate back to the topic at hand, I need to plan a party because Matthew's SECOND birthday is coming up in t-minus 43 days. I have to order the decorations, cake, balloons, make and send invites, decide what we are going to eat, when the heck we are going to have a party because Matthew takes a mammoth nap from 12:30p-3:00p every single day (not a complaint mind you... I will be sad when one day that is gone to be honest...) I am not exactly sure when my "baby" became a two year old but it happened over night. I have enjoyed every moment for good or bad between his BIRTH day and this up coming birthday. I am not really sad per say - just amazed (mostly that Kevin and I managed to keep him healthy and well you know alive for almost two whole years - ha!) I was going to post a photos of Matthew when he was wee tot but I just realized this is a new computer and none of those photos are available at a moments notice so I am settling for the photo of Matthew stuffing his face with his first "sugary" product - the yummy cake made at the local bakey. We are going there again BTW because the cake was scrumptious and sugary and that is what any kid (and his weary parents) deserves on their birthday.

I am sure I will keep you all posted on the details of said party. It will be a much smaller affair then his first. Just a few friends with kiddos Matthew's age but I am excited none the less. I think we going to settle on a contruction theme since Matthew continues to love to point out and discuss at length any large construction vehicle (actually mostly buses and diggers but it is very hard to find a bus theme...) We are trying to stay away from the mass market stuff (see previous post about bubbles - though there is this one decoration pack of OLD Curious George that I love... key word being "I".)

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED - who would have thunk it - that I would get this geeked over a two year old's party (please do not mention the fact that I am total DORK because I just used the word geeked in a sentence...) Let's just be honest - I like to plan a party and I LOVE to eat. Plus one day soon Matthew will be calling the shots about what he wants so I am basking in the chance to do what I think he will like but really it is about what I like!


jennifer said...

So it's not too dorky of me to already be planning Liam's party mentally? I LOVE the planning of all things PARTY!! I would love to get an invite (hinthinwinkwink) even though we cannot attend, I love to see people's finished products :)

Welcome to our World said...

No not dorky at all - in fact for Matthew first I think I started planning the party right after Christmas ended! LOL!

I will send an invite if I do it myself - I am not sure I will have time. Otherwise, it will have to be a generic store bought deal... Which reminds me I should stop by Michael's this weekend!
C :)