Monday, March 5, 2007

Viruses, hockey and swim class

Ha, I got your attention didn't I! Well, my poor little Matthew has the stomach flu or virus, whatever it is, it is NASTY...UGH. If this is not TMI, Matthew has been throwing up, having the runs and, in most cases, both at the same time. This started on Saturday after swim class when we decided to run for a bite to eat. We decided on a local Italian restaurant and walked in. Now prior to swim class he had a little throw up incident in bed when he first woke up but neither Kevin nor I thought much of it... I am not sure why... so we walk in and Matthew turns in to Exorcist baby minus the spinning head. I had no idea throw up could go so far from such a little person and all I could think was "when in the world did Matthew eat something purple" Yeah, I know TMI. They were blueberry pancakes in case you were wondering. So we got him cleaned up and all was well until late last night. Which leads me to the question of the year - why is it that kids ALWAYS become the most sick after dark, late at night when you feel like there is nothing you can do or anyone you can call :( AND try telling your 22 month old to throw up in a bucket, that is a new adventure I would rather NOT being having right now!!

Moving on... yes, we have re-entered swim class land at the YMCA. The first 10 minutes were sketchy. Matthew cried 'momma' and looked at me like 'why is Daddy torturing me so' and I was pleading back with my eyes "...but you love the water at home in the tub, love this water too, pleaaaaaaaaaase." He finally settled into it and happily splashed and kicked like an old pro! I was glad Kevin took him in for the first time because he probably would have drowned me. Hopefully, this will get easier with each time - no more year and a half hiatus from swim class! Of course by the end, he was like 'wait what? you want to get me out of here!?!?' Ah, to be a kid again!

And finally, I am posting some photos of Matthew at Kevin's charity hockey game in Indianapolis that my lovely friend Annie sent to me today! Matthew yelled and waved and cheered for hockey, his daddy and the fire dog. He even let fire dog hold his hand! He loved it and I know that warmed Kevin's cold little Canadian heart to the core. It was very cute and I am glad Matthew had the chance to see Kevin play. Plus it cracked me up every time we got in the car and he said 'ho-key sticks' and 'ha ha hockey'.