Friday, March 2, 2007

Bubbles bubbles in his bath

We talk a lot about bubbles in our house. I have this feeling that if Matthew could express it better he would say the whole wide world should be covered in bubbles so he could run around blowing and popping them.

We usually take out a bottle of bubbles about once a month and make a mess but I will be happy to make that mess outside once spring rolls around here (soon, right? spring is SOON right?!??! said with eye twitching...) I love doing "projects" with Matthew but selling our house has really been hard on the old "projects" thing. All his art supplies, beloved bubbles and play dough are up high where he can not see them and on top of that we keep them locked away in his closet - poor kid, I am probably stifling his creative side but I NEED to keep the house clean so people do not come in and flee because it is so gross they could hardly consider buying our home, let alone live in it... I digress.

Matthew also loves the bubbles in his bath. So over the past few months I have been exploring the bubble market and can I tell you, it stinks. Have you ever gone to the baby section in Target and looked at the bubble bath offerings for kids??? Okay, first off I must has been in la-la land because I do not remember everything having a character on it when I was a kid. Matthew's Oral-B toothpaste - Thomas the train. Same goes for the bubbles. I can buy any sort of bubble bath with Elmo, Thomas, or Curious George but I could barely find bubble bath that is just plain old bubble bath. Not to mention has anyone looked at the ingredients on bubble bath, ever?! YIKES. SO I settled for Johnson & Johnson Vapor bath mostly because he was so sick so often for a while there. The smell is sort nice in an odd menthol eye numbing sort of way but I knew I was missing something. There had to be a perfect product out there.

This is becoming much longer then I intended of course so I will try to be concise here - I was in Bloomingfoods (local co-op) and I saw it as if a light from above was shining on it...CALIFORNIA BABY. Then I saw the price and I fled from the store in tears. Here is the product in question:

I wanted it but could not have it - the price, the amount of money I already spend shopping at Bloomingfoods - Kevin would just NOT have it. Then the other day, lo and behold, there it was on the shelf at Target. $11.95 Same price as Bloomingfoods but much easier to get away with. SO I bought it and I love it, er I mean Matthew loves it. It has it all - NO Sodium Lauryl (SLS) or DEA, extremely biodegradable, all natural and it has little wands for Matthew and I to blow bubbles in the bath - NO MESS! They smell yummy and I can buy additional essential oils to add to his bath. I, uh I mean Matthew is in Heaven. Kevin thinks it is lame - whatever Canada boy.

Watch out we have natural, yummy smelling, wand making bubble bath BUBBLES in the house!

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