Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Because he's free fallin'...

Let's talk about cribs. Actually before we do that can I just have to say how quickly kids grow out of things! I mean think about how exciting it was to get the crib (or you insert the product...) and how long said child actually used said product. We bought Matthew's high chair when he was about seven months old maybe and he used it until he was 13 months old. How much did that thing cost us?!?! Too much. The same goes for toys and assorted and sundry other objects we have purchased for our dear little off spring. Of course, hope springs eternal when you consider MAYBE we will have another little tyke who can use all this "stuff", right. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Let me also mention how dang much I spent on Matthew's crib sheets. Mostly because I did not want to do a theme per say so I figured I would just make a theme out of the sheets, bumper, and the little thingy you hang over the crib (what the heck is that called... OMG, has it been that long since I thought about it!?) The whole set is a basic plaid with yellows, blues and reds with little stars. Pretty gender neutral, of course. We also received a little star blanket and I had a little wooden star wall hanging my mom bought for me years ago. It was all very cute. When we moved, I figured he was outgrowing the baby sheets and I wanted to do something more grown up anyway. But his bumper stayed. I was like I am getting all the wear out of that dang thing I can for the amount I paid for it... Well, my hard core attitude about getting as much out of it as I can did not pay off in this case.

Matthew has not really been aggressive about getting out of his crib ever. He usually just sleeps and gets up and yells for us BUT lately something about Matthew has changed. He is suddenly a little boy who wants what he wants and will do just about anything to get it. He is truly into the Terrible Toddler years (as I have read and heard many parents refer to it...) SO he is TT as we shall now call it.

My little TT has decided he hates to sleep in the cage that most commonly is referred to as a crib. Okay, so I am jumping around but I think of cribs as cages. I mean they are cage like and we use them to ensure the safety of our children especially when they are young but I still find them an oddity.

On Sunday night we were having some trouble getting Matthew to sleep as I made a stupid move by driving past the old house which I think threw his little TT brain into over drive. When he gets like this we do the normal routine and then put him down to sleep. Sleep being a relative term. He will call for us, sing, yell, jump very loudly and one day recently I walked him and he was half over the top of the crib.

Ah so at long last on Sunday night we heard that dull sickening THUD and the screaming cries followed. Kevin and I looked one another, went pale and raced into the room. Matthew was unharmed, upset and I think his little ego may have been a little bruised. The bumper came out that very moment and now we have the 'naked cage'. Kevin said very practically that it is a good thing Matthew does not have a basement or hardwood floor to fall on... I guess. Like that is something to calm me after my darling baby just threw his body onto the ground as hard as one can throw a body on the ground, carpeted or not...

Kevin and I have been talking at length for some time about the transition from his crib to the toddler bed (you know semi-caged...) but I have to admit that while the cage thing makes me feel funny in a bad way, it also makes me feel good. I mean changing the crib is a big deal for all parties involved. Are we ready for that? Will we need to baby proof the house in a whole new way (whatev... we have not baby proofed the new house yet except for outlet covers...) How will I survive losing another little piece of babyhood that the crib represents?

At the end of the day, we are going to keep the crib for a bit longer but plan to move him to the toddler bed after Barb leaves and see how it goes. I want to buy some of those rail things at the very least so he does not completely lose the comfort of the crib when he is deep in sleep. I will let you all know how it goes...

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