Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bless you.

And you and you and you. So I made my way to the Allergist for my THIRD skin test today. It finally worked and now I know I am allergic to EVERYTHING. You name it, I have allergies to it. I will be damned if this stops me from living - the way these people talk I need to invest in a bubble and live in said bubble. UGH.

I know I need to do something to ensure that I take my allergies back to a more reasonable level since they usually kick my ass and make life uncomfortable to say the least but OMG you ought to see the list of items they marked off after they stuck me six ways to Sunday... I also was tested for common food allergies and I almost cried when they said the dreaded words "wheat and egg whites". So answer me this, what the hell am I am I going to eat!?!? Particularly wheat - EVERYthing has wheat in it - especially bread. You know that doughy stuff that people seem to like and I ingest at every waking moment?! Well, I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape - no time like the present. I knew I was allergic to eggs as I ate them a few times after being pregnant and they had me in the bathroom moments after eating with stomach flu like illness. I plan to carbo load this week before doing the whole taking wheat and eggs out of the diet thing.

On a side note, I wish I had a camera this morning because Matthew looked so dang cute wearing his little man capris (whatever, he won't hate me for dressing him in those and they are freakin' cute...), his little plaid shirt and hat. Kevin and I drove separately to work this morning for the above mentioned allergy tests. Matthew and I chatted all the way to school. He is getting good at counting now - it is 1, 2, 6, 7, 8. See he is almost there all on his own. This is the usual counting conversation:

Me: Look Matthew a bus. what kind of bus is that?
Matthew: (depending on type of bus) school bus or city bus
Me: How many buses does that make?
Matthew (with a big proud smile): 1, 6, 7,8 (and some times two is thrown in there - getting my hopes up that he actually understands and is not just parroting mommy...)

Ah, I love my little parrot none the less except when he says 'crap' or 'oh GAWD' really loudly. I have doubled my efforts to not swear and it is going fairly well. Except for the other day I slipped when something happened that must have seemed terribly important but I cannot remember what is was now and I said "oh f***" Then I looked at Matthew and said "Matthew only mommies and daddies say that... oh look Bob the Builder is on let's go watch!" I am not sure he believed me... Opps (face turning red and batting my eye lashes like I would never say that word.) I later fessed up and told Kevin what I said in case they were out and about Matthew fired that little statement off. I am sure Kevin would have known who taught his son that but still one never knows!

Off to eat some carrots and a banana. yum.

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