Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fresh Air

Ahhh, I love this time of year. I finally have my window open in my office and warm sweet spring time air is flowing in... I am just loving it right now. I had to literally tape my window shut all winter so opening it is like taking off my coat for the first time after the winter and wearing short sleeves! It is a marvelous day in B-town!

I am re-starting my defunct workout program. As I suspected, the move took a toll on that so back on the pony I get. Since the weather has been so lovely I have spent the last two days out walking the new neighborhood and the pretty Rails to Trails trail around the corner from our house during our lunch hour! I even dragged Kevin with me AND we took the dogs. Poor things barely knew what to do with themselves on an actual real live walk.

I am happy it is Spring. I am happy that Matthew is two. I am happy to be fully moved and mostly settled into the house. I am just happy that it is sunny and getting warmer. Life is pretty darn spiffy!


jennifer said...

I take it your MIL left?


Welcome to our World said...

ha ha, YUP! What made you think that?!?!