Thursday, April 19, 2007

His Stats

Matthew is two today in case you did not notice. wink wink ;) (okay I sent photos out to everyone... if I missed you let me know!)

At his two year appt, they had us fill out these charts basically to see where Matthew is in terms of his development, I guess. I did not fill those out, Kevin did. I filled out the all important current info form... Yeah, why I do not know.

At any rate, Dr. Franklin said his drawing skills were on the level of a three year old (proud Mommy and Daddy were about to burst of course!!) Thank you BDLC :) She also confirmed that he has yet another ear infection but she did say that hopefully since it is April those should be behind us. The nice thing to hear from her was that because he has been exposed to these things now that next year and all the subsequent years he should not be as sick as other kids who do not get the exposure to these illness and if he remains in the same center with the same kids that should even lower his rate of getting ill. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that is the case. He has been a trooper through all of the illness. And I have to be honest with you all, my biggest fear as a mother-to-be was that I would have no idea how to take care of a sick child but I know now that I can and it is not so bad and we all survived! That makes me feel good.

Back to the stats, he STOOD up for the first time on the scale to do both his weight and height! He ended up being shorter then the last "length" measurement which I was never sold on anyway. They always said he so tall and he never looked that tall plus according to our home chart where he stands up he was never that tall either. Which reminds me, we must hang that so we can do his 2nd birthday marking!

Drum roll: he was 31 pounds (75%) and 34-3/4 inches (75%). Very exciting. These stats are not near as exciting as the first year though when you can really see the differences between each visit. Things seem to have slowed to a snail's pace in the growth area. Now in the mental/verbal arena, OMG, he is, like, indescribable. He chatters on and on about everything. He is a charmer and sweet and loving and OMG I just love my little boy to pieces!

He received the Curious George book from Dr. Franklin and a Winnie the Pooh sticker that he wore all morning on his arm and then his leg. Very cute. We are making the switch to a toddler bed soon, I am going upstairs to make his 1st dental appt!!! AND we are slowly making the switch from whole milk to 2%. Ah, ever so slowly we are leaving the land of babyhood and into the land of little boy. Sweet and sour all at once...

I am looking forward to all that the year ahead has to give and I have absolutely 100% loved every minute of the past two years. That was one thing I promised myself before and even after I had Matthew - that I would not miss one minute of him growing up and I can honestly say I have stayed true to that promise. I am such a proud momma today :)

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