Monday, April 9, 2007

On a different note...

Did not want to confuse the two posts so I decided to just make them separate. Can we pack any more in a weekend?!

Kevin planted TEN trees around the house! The landscaping is coming along well! Kevin also thinks he will be able to put together the sandbox for Matthew by the weekend. I saw the photos he printed off on how to make this sandbox and it looks pretty cool! We are looking forward to landscaping the backyard over the coming months! Hopefully this freeze moves on so we can get to the business of planting!

I had the opportunity to go over to the old house and clean it. It was a wreck after the move and needed to be cleaned before the inspection today. I did as much as I could so hopefully the inspection goes well! I was chuckling to myself at the irony of me cleaning the house one last time. I was there on my own the night we closed on the house cleaning it as well. It was sort of bitter sweet. I did not cry this time but I thought about all the moments we had in that house.

I saw Lucy the day we brought her home from the pound looking all puppy like and confused sitting in the spare room while we tried to find a name for her online.

I saw Kevin sitting on the couch when I told him that I was pregnant.

I saw our first Christmas in our new house.

I saw Kevin building and planting his first garden.

I saw all those lovely moments with our friends playing cards and enjoying their company late into the evening right there.

I saw being pregnant and getting the baby to be's room ready.

I saw Kevin surprising me with a beautiful little ring on our five year anniversary of being together just weeks before Matthew was born right on the chair in Matthew's room.

I saw bringing Matthew home and setting him gently on that counter top of the kitchen for photos.

I saw the long hours of nursing both in his room and on the couch downstairs.

I saw the time spent doing tummy time on that piece of floor right there.

I saw fostering his love of books in that nook and the great outdoors out in the yard.

I saw his first halting movements forward into a crawl across the great room.

I saw his first wonderful steps across that very section of the carpet right there.

I saw our first and second Christmas' for Matthew.

His first thrilling moments sledding down the hill the backyard and leaping in & out of the pool on a hot summer's day.

I saw his first birthday with cake everywhere right there in his high chair by the backdoor.

I saw cleaning up the first spills of "solid" food near where the kitchen table once stood.

I saw Matthew cuddled up sleeping in his crib day by day growing ever bigger, more solid, more boy like and less baby like every single day for almost two years.

As much as I love my new house, I will sorely miss our old house because of all these memories and many more...

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