Friday, April 6, 2007

Poop, dogs and the up coming holiday

I love it when Matthew grabs his bum and says "poop" and just keeps right on doing whatever it is he was doing like nothing ever happened even though the rank odor arising from my charming little urchin is enough to knock over a rough tough biker dude.

It cracks me up. I try not to laugh when he does it but I do. I used to worriedly run after him to be sure we cleaned him right up but mostly these days we have to talk to Matthew about the poop, that we are going to change the diaper with the poop in it which he magically has become attached to much like his blanket and cannot foresee giving said poopy diaper up any time soon and also where the poop should go as in "Matthew the next time you need to poop, you should tell Mommy and we can go to the potty."

I was always fairly comfortable with discussing poop but for some reason we have now reached new and exciting levels of poop discussions. We cheer when he actually poops in the potty (the pee part he has down except he only does it if he is naked and near a potty or else I am on my hands and knees scrubbing a wet spot NOT from the dogs...) Do you ever think about how automatic going to the bathroom on a potty can seem? I know think of the hell my parents must have gone through to train three little darlings about how do this "automatic" thing. At least I was the last one and there was 9 and 6 years between me and them. I mean they never had to go through the supposed regression thing that happens to siblings born close together (or last that is what the literature says and other parents have told me...) This potty thing is like breast feeding - it seems so natural, yet it is so NOT.

On to other topics... our dogs are in the dog house, pun intended. I had to wait to write about this because it made me ill and angry all at once. We came home the other day after a perfectly lovely day (I made a placement, we filed our homestead tax credit thingy and Kevin & I went for lunch out at a real live restaurant!) to find the NEW house trashed. We believe it was Lucy since she is the one who threw up twice. Lucy and/or Santana decided to DESTROY the edges of the carpet in two rooms to the point where we might have to replace the carpet... and chewed up one of the blinds. I wanted to kill them and that is why Kevin scolded them. They have now returned to their crates for the time being when we are gone until we can determine that they are not going to do this again.

OH and on top of that expensive damage, we had a storm the other day and the wind picked up and flipped over our grill cracking the lid and handle so we are probably going to need to buy a new grill. GRRRRRRRRRR...

Oh well, I know there are worse things in life!

Finally, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. Don't eat to many jelly beans and chocolate bunnies!

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