Monday, May 21, 2007

Hairdresser of Seville

I do not know - I hate titling these dang things. I want to come up with something catching and interesting but always seem to fall short.

Oh well.

Matthew and Kevin had their hair cut together again yesterday. Thank goodness for Great Clips and their patient, kind staff. Not just for Kevin but Matthew too! Just kidding.

Matthew whimpered and hide and tried to escape on Saturday when we went to get it cut - I will give this to him, it was right before nap time and after we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, swim class and the excellent meal we all inhaled at Panera so he was pooped out. Poor little man. He basically would not get any where near the chair and would not let his sweaty, sticky little hands come loss from my shirt no matter what. The lady at that Great Clips was rude, grumpy and had little patience for a 2 yr old and his sleep deprived mother (STUPID STUPID DOG...) so we were better off probably. We decided to try again on Sunday.

We went to the Great Clips by our house. MUCH BETTER. We were the first in the door so there was no one else besides us and the staff was much friendlier, younger and happier to be there even on a Sunday. The girl who did Matthew's hair did an okay job - he does have major "bangs" if you will and it is sort of bowl cut-ish but I think mostly I would be critical if I spent a fortune just because it makes me sad to see Matthew with a hair cut - 'cause dang it, he looks WAY to grown up for my taste. Matthew still would not let go of me the whole time and every time the poor girl went to cut his hair he would whip his head around to look at something... who knows what. He did not freak out over the clippers and even touched them and squealed with glee at the ticklish sensation. He sprayed the spray bottle which I am sure annoyed the poor girl cutting his hair but look he stayed put and let her cut without further head whipping so forgive us for the wet hair mess we left on the floor. Ah, to see his eyes and face again - while it is hard to do this hair cutting stuff, it is oh so lovely to see him all grown up and actually be able to see those lovely eyes.

The big story is Kevin. He had the best haircut ever. I mean seriously - he has not had a good cut since we lived in Indy! Russ did his hair. Kevin loved Russ. He said he never had someone spend so much time "doing" his hair. He was all impressed and surprised even though I have been trying to get him to try out a REAL hair salon for years. He even got Russ' number because Russ does hair by appt at another salon. Kevin LOVED Russ. He is so happy with his hair cut - I caught him doing his hair like Russ did yesterday... what is this world coming to!??! I am actually amused by it all but I had to fight a big ole "I told you so..." Now we will just have to wait and see if he actually calls Russ for an appt.

The Hairs of Our Lives...

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