Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hodge podge, Mish Mosh

Hmm, I have been really terrible about writing on here as of late. There is a lot on my mind and I am have been profusely busy. Hopefully after this weekend things will... OH who am I kidding - life never seems to slow down. It only speeds up faster every time I think it will slow down!

I made Kevin's Father's Gift - HAHA not really. I asked him a while back when we were out on a walk if he wanted to get "something" or would he prefer to go camping. He said camping so camping it is. Kevin actually decided where to go and made the reservations (some gift giver I am, eh?) We are getting a cabin near a lake near our house at a state forest (I think... still not exactly sure what I agreed to but Kevin made the... yeah you get the idea.) Not like a cabin with all the amenities mind you but a place with four walls and a roof. We need to bring everything else. But it is near the lake which is what he wanted. I was secretly hoping for something decidedly more exotic like Kentucky or Tennessee but based on the time off and money involved we had to be closer to home. I am looking forward to being near a lake and roughing it for all intents and purposes. I will also be glad to get home and shower but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

It is supposed to be hotter then heck here in B-town this weekend with a ton of storms. I am glad I will not be here. We are headed to Seattle to see the fam. Yes, that same family I have had nothing to do with virtually for two years. I am hopeful it will be a positive step and a good adventure. We are excited to be getting away and taking a plane (ie: not headed over the border to one of four states we could potentially chose from...) On the other hand, I am nervous. Who knows what my mom will say (or do...) Maybe nothing (until I get home...) Keep your fingers crossed, keep us in your thoughts, pray to the gods or goddesses that you pray to... whatev - just so long as it goes well.

On a related side note, Adithya threw up all over every one's lunch at day care yesterday. And then the teacher said 'oh yeah it was really exciting. That is all Matthew talked about all afternoon...' Followed by "yeah the stomach flu has been going around here..." Ugh, I just envision my son barfing his guts out all weekend (starting on the plane tomorrow at 9 a) followed by Kevin and I also being ill. PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN... and then this is no exactly the learning experience I was hoping my son would get while spending time at his school. I liked the part about how they painted noodles so they could make noodle jewelry today!!! What fun. I wanted to take the day off so I could go make some noodle jewelry!

I need to get back to work but I wanted to say farewell to all as I will not have access to a computer on our trip. I will report back in full detail about the trip some time next week - that is if I survive... I leave you with this article to ponder (which mentions my favorite doc, Harvey Karp, M.D., from The Happiest Toddler on the Block fame!!!)

Act as if you know what to do -- and soon enough, you will! (GOTTA LOVE THAT KIND OF WISDOM :)


jennifer said...

Good luck & I very sincerely hope you have a fantastic trip :) Wave to Mt. Rainer for us! And wander around the bookshop district & remember all our Stephen King conversations :)

Jen said...

Have a great trip!!