Thursday, May 31, 2007

They might be giants!

No not that odd musical group - my son! He grew a 1/2 an inch while we were away on vacation AND today for the first time he repeatedly complained "mine legs hurt mommy" and "my legs hurt mom"... I was not sure what to say - do I correct the poor English or do I tell him to ALWAYS AND FOREVER call me Mommy - never ever Mom! But seriously okay he totally spurted like THAT much in a week (she says in plaintive wailing whiney kind of voice.)

Today I had my, er, ah womanly exam and that went well. You know how that goes - as well as can be expected... oh I am not going there. But seriously it is the first time I have been back to see Liz the midwife since two weeks post partum and it made me sad and glad. I did not have to pee in a cup the moment I walked in the door and I did not feel huge and uncomfortable as I so often did waiting for an hour to see Liz. I was actually happy to see Liz versus when I was pregnant and I was just anxious and stressed out about money 24/7. It was just a whole new atmosphere for me. I felt this odd sort of freedom. The plus side is that Liz is just freaking too cute for words - I just adore this woman and I would be happy to be pregnant again as I know I would see her every month for nine-ten months! BUT the freedom to walk out and know I do not need to make the next appt (and NO CO PAY b/c our insurance covers your yearly exam FREE!) for ANOTHER YEAR! OH and I got that sacred prescription for the PILL. Hip hip hooray! Okay not exactly like anyone loves to be on the pill but I am happy because my acne will be under control again at least for a while (until we decide to have another baby?!??! And if you ask me when I will deck you but seriously probably next spring maybe... maybe not. Stay tuned...)

Enough rambling - the pirate show is on and poor Kevin is trying to get Matthew to bed. More on getting to bed tomorrow - it's a good story so I am excited to write and tell you all about it. Cheers and good night!

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