Friday, June 1, 2007

Five Things That Prove My Baby Is No Longer A Baby

BUT a full blown kid (not even really a toddler any more....)

Okay so I totally feel like I am writing an essay on what I did over my summer break but whatever here it goes...

1.) Matthew says "no mom" or "stop mom" - not always momma or mommy any more... WAILLLLL to that and boo hiss too. I never refer to myself as mom but I think Kevin does it may be where he gets it from. As I eluded to in a previous post, he is NEVER allowed to call me Mom (just kidding of course...)

2.) He can string together 3-6 word sentences and has started tell us stories. Like in the middle of the night when he woke up sick he told me whole rambling stories about things - that and the catipillar story that I mentioned the aforementioned post.

3.) Matthew grew that bleeping 1/2 an inch... what next? New shoe size, dates with girls or late nights of worry for me... ehem. I digress.

4.) This kid can jump - like high. Okay so yeah he's no Kobe Bryant but holy crap he jumps off of everything and he can get some air this kid. My little MJ (one can only hope right???!!!)

4A.) He so does not need me as much any more - yeah so when he falls and hurts himself REALLY bad or is sick he needs me but some times lately he even falls and hurts himself but he just keeps going like a real live big kid. BOO HISS!

4B.) He stopped where diapers. We got the brillant idea to try out those dang pull ups and he won't go back. Dang things are glorified diapers... BUT he also peeps and poops in the potty now! It is all very exciting but sad in some odd sort of way (though I will be happy to no longer wipe a poopy bum...) He is no where near being potty trained but still...

5.) He is no longer in a crib. Yup, I said it. After the Seattle trip where he slept in the big boy bed by himself we made the BIG switch the night we came home. It has been an adventure to some degree and we find him in odd places after naps and in the morning but for the most part he sleeps in his big boy toddler bed and LOVES IT!!!

Wow, that is a lot - my baby is only a baby in theory these days...

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