Friday, June 8, 2007


Thank god for other bloggers otherwise I would sit in my myopic world of work and Matthew and never know that other people are experiencing similar things as I.

My son likes to say Matthew's Beer. And when we correct him that that is Mommy and Daddy's beer (okay yes we enjoy an occasional brew esp. now that summer is upon us... quite knitting your brows at me, you!) he runs around yelling Beer Beer Beer - Mommy-Daddy Beer. Lord what most the neighbors thing between the sick screaming child and the naked two year old yelling BEER. I asked Kevin the other day if we should be worried that Matthew is interested in our beer with the issues with alcohol that run my family. Kevin just shook his head and LAUGHED at me. Well, you know I mean if I am so happy I need to find something to worry about! As you can see from the post on Amalah's site today - my son is not the only child preoccupied with beer!

BTW, Matthew also likes to say "Matthew drink coffee" when we have our morning brew first thing each weekend day. We always correct him on this one too - then he will stick his nose deep into my coffee cup, take a long sniff and say "Matthew's coffee" and dance away the way only a toddler can.

I find this cute and disconcerting all at once... OMG and this morning Kevin went to wake the wee tyke up and he actually said to Kevin "No Daddy Matthew still sleeping" and buried his head deeper into the pillow! When did my two year old turn into a teenager? What's next?! loud metal music. They do say toddlers are a lot like teenagers ;)

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