Monday, June 11, 2007

PB&J, Piracy & Obesity

Ever the creative sort (ha) I was looking at some of favorite sites this morning (I am in a sort of a funk this morning - doldrums perhaps... who knows from what. I am feeling sort of crummy from what I think is a sinus infection and I took a Sudafed - that medicine makes me feel all whacked out so this may be the result. Mostly I was really sad to leave Matthew this morning at school after spending almost two weeks with him - even though about half that time was somewhat torturous... I miss my little boy. He was very good and did not cry - he just looked sad... I digress before I regress into tears here at work...)

I found this site and it made me chuckle mostly because my favorite lunch time meal is a PBJ sandwich with Salt & Vinegar chips and carrots - 'cause I am permanently a ten year old that way!

We went to see the newest Pirates movie this weekend on a DATE night. I liked the movie but no near as much as I have liked the past two. Mostly because the relationship between Will and Kira Knightly (whose character's name is escaping me at the moment) and Jack Sparrow was sort of thrown out the window in lieu of the fighting and special effects. I love that we were always wondering who Kira would end up with and if she ended up with Jack what would become of Will - sort of that sexual power she possessed over those two and well who would want to have that kind of power over Orlando and Johnny Depp - count me in!

Now I did like the pirates part of it all and I have always had this deep down fantasy about becoming a pirate - I am loving the new Pirates show (a la Survivor), Pirate Master. It is all that I hoped in more - I keep trying to talk Kevin into applying just because I think he would make a good pirate (minus the Canadian accent of course...) In all seriousness though, I happen to know that there is an annual meeting of pirates - this year it was held in New Orleans. Keep watching this site to see where the next meeting will be held. Arrr me mateys!

Finally, ever the concerned (overly obsessive) parent, I was curious about this little tidbit posted on BabyCenter recently:

"Now that your child is over 2, you'll need to cut the fat in his diet to less than 30 percent of daily calories."

We switched Matthew from whole milk to 2% right around his 2nd birthday and he loves it so much more then whole milk. In fact be probably drinks twice as much milk now as he did when we gave him whole milk. I also realized that we were still doing whole milk yogurt and he just seemed a lot less interested to this weekend I found some low fat yogurt to try with him. I will let you know how that goes. At any rate, this got me to thinking about feeding my son which used to be SO easy but now that Toddler hood is in full swing, it is not as easy. I can no longer sneak a cookie without Matthew wanting what I have. He see juice everywhere he goes and wants sugar sugar sugar day and night. In fact the thing that drives me nuts - every where we go people offer my son candy. Like at Lowe's - he is a nice older man and he means well but I do not want my two year old to have that mini Twix bar. I am still unsure how to politely decline because once we have it one would think just put it away he wont notice - HA, the kid remembers things like his mother and will watch for that Twix bar and ask about it literally for hours on end. NO is not an appropriate answer apparently either. AH well, so I found this article about childhood obesity. Basically, I know that one little mini Twix bar will not kill my son but I just want to be charge for a little longer.

Happy reading!

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