Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Five Reasons...

I got out of bed this morning (and most mornings for that matter...)

1. ) To see M's smiling face over the rim of his crib (and get a sloppy wet kiss and one of those amazing hugs!)

2.) To take a long hot shower that relaxes me

3.) To let Santana and Lucy out (and I was happy about that because Santana actually let me sleep through the night last night unlike the night before...)

4.) To hear M giggle and laugh and yell "Sant-ana, Ucy, get in crates NOW" while clutching their treats high above his head - HE IS SUCH A BIG BOY NOW!!!

5.) To get to my job which I love and I realize every day I am grateful that I have it to go to.

Your turn!

1 comment:

shades of gray said...

1.)To see Grayson
2.)To go to work(yes, I do look forward to getting there in the morning once I'm out of bed)
3.)To take my car in for scheduled service(I will take my "alone" time any way I can get it)
4.)To come home after work and spend my favorite part of the day with Grayson, and just Grayson
5.)To spend time reading books with Nate and Grayson before bed, another favorite part of my day. ;)