Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Interesting BF Stats

I have been really into reading Parenting mags lately. NO I am not pregnant - just wanting to learn more and I do want to spend the time reading books - I seriously need a self help group for people who hate self help books...

I am currently reading the current issue of Parents (June 2007) because I want to current, currently...

Yeah so Nursing by the numbers (so says Parents magazine...)
6 months

Can you guess what these mean?

73%: Percentage of moms who try to breastfeed (note the word TRY!)

6 months: Number of months the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends women breastfeed - I had no idea, I thought they had the same 2 year mark as WHO.

17%: Percentage of women who make it to the one-year mark (I cannot even imagine what the 2 or 3 yr mark look like!) I would have kept going for 2 yrs and beyond but baby boy lost interest at 20 months... so sad but secretly glad too ;)

29%: Percentage of women who say they'd be uncomfortable nursing in public (this # seemed small to me, I would have guessed that to be higher...)

0: Number of federal laws that protect the rights of breastfeeding mothers! (however the article says most states have laws protecting this right so phooey to the feds.)

75%: Percentage of mothers the US govt hopes will nurse at birth in 2010

Too lazy to confirm these facts - just thought they were interesting and I would share. Happy Hump Day to all!

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