Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the occasion of our 4th Anniversary

We met a long time ago in January 2000... wow, that seems like a different place, planet, life... Ah we met at... a bar. In MQT. The Shamrock no less (which will cease to exist, did I tell you that? Probably not because it does not matter but you know it is part of the history.) You were - happy (drunk...) I was sick and taking medicine so I was not near as happy as you. Who wooed who? I do not know. You talked me into an after bar party and then pizza. Ha, those must have been good antibiotics!!

But seriously. I thought you were not interested and left it at that until I received an e-mail from you on February 14th. I almost fell out of my chair with surprise - partly because I knew it was hard to find my e-mail at that time so you must have actually liked me -maybe- to spend time doing that. We started "talking" by e-mail and seeing each other out and about - we even went on some dates (you know ever the romantic - you took me to Taco Bell. Big spender back then... I think my choices were TB or BK!) Then you left. For Port Huron. To play hockey. Boo hiss. I visited. It was great. Then you came back to MQT and that was great. Then you left again for Winnipeg. Boo hiss. I visited. Twice. We must have been in love for me to drive 14 hours. by myself. In the Corolla. Across the vast waste land that is Upper middle America. I met the family. That was all great.

We graduated and moved on. I moved to St. Joseph MI to live with my dad and you went to Chicago for the Wolves training camp. I visited - that was great. Then for you - on to Indianapolis where I joined you. Scary! We lived the ghetto supa star life (okay it was NOT that bad - or it could have been worse I guess... We were close to Keystone at the Crossing?) You played Slap Shot hockey for Indy. No, I mean seriously - it was Slap Shot: the second coming of the movie. Watch the movie and that was our life there! I found out how much I hated hockey life but I loved you so I lived through it. You left for an internship in MN that summer and me in Indy. That was hard. Our future was uncertain. You finally found a home (to play hockey) in Fort Wayne (even though I suggested going south to some place warmer... hmm, Fort Fun is decidedly NOT warmer.)

Fort Wayne. This was DEFINITELY ghetto. The apartment from hell - the first day there the cop car (A silver Lumina) was broken into. Yeah, feeling safe. I thought we left behind psycho hockey land and for you the team was EVEN more Slap Shot-ish, if that is even possible. Oh and let's talk a minute about psycho hockey gf/wives. OMG, these people where do they come from. Melissa, Liz, Jenny, Lisa and numerous other girls du jour for the single (and not so single guys but that is another story for another time...) Doug Teskey - snake man. I survived. Sort of. I had a job - that slowly turned into hell on earth. I loved you so we stayed and it ended up being worth it. Your team won a championship the second year! Wow, check out that ring! It was an amazing year - no Slap Shot involved there. It was the most fun we had together during your hockey career.

As much negative happened, there were so many wonderful memories. We were engaged in that apt from hell, we planned and were married in a lovely location in FW. We bought our first "big" item together - the Camry in FW. You won the championship - we made good friends. It was not all bad.

After much suffering to find a decent job, I heard the magical words from my current employer. I won the lottery! I found a job I could actually make money at - where we could start a life positively. No more U-Haul hockey. You were done playing - a vet at 27 yrs of age! Ha, go figure - my old man! We bought our first house - blindly. We survived the move to B-town and made our home. We found a whole new life outside of hockey. You found a job and became a "permanent resident". We rescued Lucy and infused her into our lives. It was exciting and fun but before we could fully get settled we were surprised - a pregnancy, unplanned.

After the initial shock wore off, (since we were not going to be parents, remember that?! Ha, that is sort of humorous now!) we were excited. And scared! We had our little surprise - he (being Matthew) changed our lives upon entering this world on April 19, 2005. We had created the ultimate gift to one another - our son. The past two years have been amazing. You joined me here at our job. We sold and bought a new home. We have enjoyed family vacations to see the relatives as well as many new adventures near home. We made new friends and enjoy old ones.

My husband. You are my best friend - for seven years now. You put up with me and my constant everything from fretting to stress to whatever. You love me no matter what. You do not see that I have changed in appearance even though I know my butt is twice the size - you just love me for me. Which just goes to show me that what really matters is not my dress size that you love! You are my rock, my strength and my sounding board. When I fall down, you always pick me up. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would find someone like you - you actually do the laundry, change the dirty diapers and attentively spend time with your family. I thought you were an illusion - a made up entity that came in stories - no person like you existed for me and I had decided prior to meeting you I was going to make a go of life on my own. Then there you were all knight in shining armor like... There are faults as well but I can live with those as the goodness far outweighs any fault.

I am looking forward to the upcoming fourth year of marriage: Jamaica! Decorating our home. Getting in shape and eating better together. Thinking, considering, contemplating another baby? Or five? (Gotcha! - still paying attention?!) Working hard and playing hard. Seeing Matthew grow and develop - drinking in every moment of that! What would I do if I did not have you to share that with? My heart - you and Matthew have it forever and ever. Happy Anniversary Kevin - Let's fall in love (again :)

I have a feeling, it's a feeling,
I'm concealing, I don't know why
It's just a mental, sentimental alibi

But I adore you
So strong for you
Why go on stalling
I am falling
Our love is calling
Why be shy?

Let's fall in love
Why shouldn't we fall in love?
Our hearts are made of it
Let's take a chance
Why be afraid of it

Let's close our eyes and make our own paradise
Little we know of it, still we can try
To make a go of it

We might have an end for each other
To be or not be
Let our hearts discover

Let's fall in love
Why shouldn't we fall in love
Now is the time for it, while we are young
Let's fall in love

We might have and end for each other
To be or not be
Let our hearts discover

Let's fall in love
Why shouldn't we fall in love?
Now is the time for it, while we are young
Let's fall in love

(Diana Krall - Let's Fall In Love)


shades of gray said...

Wow! Happy 4th Anniversary!

Jen said...

That made me tear up! Aww love!