Thursday, June 28, 2007


No, I do not mean the troops are advancing with overwhelming numbers so I must retreat - I mean we have a retreat tomorrow at a local resort for work. I am sort of dreading this experience just because our boss has decided to do this EVERY quarter this year. This retreat is #2 and while #1 was not that bad, it was sort of boring but at a VERY cool place which made it a bit more palatable! Perhaps this one is made worse because I know I have endure two more beyond this one. Then again what boss takes you to a place like the Stone Age Institute and local resorts for your retreats, pays for breakfast before the retreat at a lovely little restaurant and we are having a dinner afterwards as well but still it is a retreat, folks, plain and simple - I will need to talk about work ALL day and analyze all aspects of how I do business AND be expected to implement something from this experience... yeech, just makes me tired writing about it.

SO I have that to look forward to so to speak. I am actually looking forward to the weekend. We have no plans. No, seriously, we have nothing to do this weekend. No weekend projects, no trips to see Thomas the Train, no adventures to Indianapolis, no camping, no NOTHING and I am so thankful for that.

My house needs my attention this weekend. I seriously think the last time I vacuumed at all was for Matthew birthday party on April 21st so yuck. Oh and would you like to come by and let your children play on my filthy floors? We so need to keep moving forward with this house cleaning thing. We had Merry Maids come about two weeks ago and she was charming and encouraging and then nothing happened. Okay really my husband cheaped out on me. He heard the final tally and just turned his wittle brain off. I need to turn it back on. We (I) need this for our (MY) sanity and happiness.

I cleaned our bathroom this past weekend and I was repulsed. I could not believe how easy it was to turn a blind eye to the nastiness that had become our bathroom. That and I was noticing as I bathed Matthew the night before last that his tub has a dirt ring around it. Hmm, so is Matthew clean or not? Plus just rubbing the toilet brush around to get the ick off in every bathroom toilet is no longer cutting the mustard. The annoying ring comes back very quickly after this - it seems at double the rate even if that possible... Hmm, the retreat is sounding more and more enticing!

On other notes, I am working out. I have done it FOUR days in a row. Now I just need to string those days into weeks and I may actually start to get in shape. Oh and stop baking chocolate chip cookies that I hork down at a rate that is amazing to me - I am like a freakin' bottomless chocolate chip cookie pit (holy crap that and ice cream: I bought Edy's Turtle ice cream last night because I wanted to do something kind for my husband - he was happy and surprised, he did not even know I left!) I highly recommend the Turtle kind though - it has these lovely sugar encrusted pecans and OMG I do not really like nuts that much!

The pirate show is on tonight - arr!

Matthew likes his fake "crocs" so much he made his father take off another pair of sandals this morning and he put those on instead. Also, today, he gave his mommy and daddy kisses good-bye and actually turned around and yell "bye mommy & daddy" like we did not even matter - sniff sniff - I was trumped by ball of homemade blue play dough!

Oh and have I mentioned that I am getting really sad that I am not planning to have a baby until next year? Yeah, Kevin made me promise I would not talk about this subject with him so I will need to let off steam here. I am glad I am not having another baby right away - I really am but I feel so many things about waiting. Plus it seems like everyone we know is pregnant (even my most favorite blogger just announced she is pregnant) so I am just struggling with that urge to go out and get pregnant just because. I just have all these conflicting feelings right now. I am sure it will pass until another five people tell me that they are pregnant as well OR when all the baby pics start coming from all of my friends who are set to having babies this fall and winter!

Ah, this is a long one so thanks for sticking with me. I probably won't have time to write tomorrow and I am planning to stay away from the computer on my weekend off - though I really want to post those Thomas photos...

Have a happy weekend! RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT!

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