Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mulching IS fun!

The retreat was, as I suspected, VERY boring and long and I was glad to finally get home on Friday evening to start the weekend!

We had a rockin' good weekend doing all whole lot of nothing but fun stuff for us and Matthew.

We hit the Farmer's Market and listened to all kinds of good music and watch the odd tap dancing lady who freaks me out personally but the kids seem to like her though Matthew clung to me in fear of her clogging feet but whatev, it's a good growth experience. We went to the best park in B-town and burned all of the energy Matthew could possibly muster plus some. We hit the mall, two grocery stores and a second park on Sunday evening (not the best but it was nice!)

I hit the bike trail for a 50 minute ride - it was lovely but my ass hurts (TMI?) Matthew spent most of the weekend rolling in the dirt - literally. He was one dirty boy but he was also one happy child as well! We washed both cars (inside and out minus vacuuming) and Matthew's bike with the cool new hose that Kevin bought. Matthew had so much fun cleaning the cars the first thing he said this morning was "clean cars?"

We did house work including vacuuming the upstairs (so you can bring your kids over without fear of hair balls attacking!), sweeping the front porch, moving what seems like 50 bags of sand (need sand for your sandbox? We have enough sand to keep that thing filled until Matthew is 17 or so...) and FINALLY doing something with the pile of mulch in front of the house. It was so cute I documented it for your viewing pleasure!

Please note the fun shirt I bought for Matthew at Target this weekend! I love those "Mom" shirts! I still want to find the Coexist t-shirt and the "I do my own stunts" shirt (but NOT in white.) Do you love the hat? My poor child always has that huge hat on and I plan to buy this hat for EVEN more coverage. Matthew is always the only kid at the playground, beach, out & about with a huge hat on his head. Oh well, red haired, blue eyed boys do not fair well (get it, get it?!?!) in the sun burn department so he will have to suffer through the hat phase as long as I am in charge!

How was your weekend?

On a side note, I most likely will not be able to post as much from now on. I am making work a priority - I know, what a novel concept. I will try to write as often as possible but won't be able to spend as much time on here or e-mail. I hardly touch our computer at home (except to check on work... ah the cruelty of life) but that may have to be the option to keep up on everything!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Kevin wears that shirt I gave him. :) Sounds like you all had a nice weekend! Talk to you soon. Annie

Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a good relaxing weekend! Don't you wish there were more of them?!

On a side note, I'll be really sad to not see a new posting everyday. What's this focusing on work busines? ;)

jennifer said...

Sounds like the retreat wasn't so much as boring for you as it somehow convinced you to slow down on your blogging and ruin it for ALL OF US.

Welcome to our World said...

Annie: Hey girlie! Yes, we both wear that shirt - not at the same time of course! Hope to talk you soon as well. Next few weeks are sort of packed but would love to get together!

Kelly: I do love relaxing weekends! It seems like the summer hardly has 'em even though that is when we should most enjoy them! And yeah what is with me focusing on work?! You'd think I wanted to make money or something :)

Jen: STOOOPID Retreats. Made me feel all bad about not getting work done... Dammit. I will TRY TRY TRY to write at night after Matthew goes to sleep.