Monday, June 18, 2007

Sun, sand & chip monkeys

What a weekend! What a charming, relaxing, sunny warm weekend! I have never been happier as I was this weekend. I some times feel I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming because my life is always getting better. I could not feel more happy or complete as I have lately.

We "camped" this weekend at the lovely Cabin #1. We loved our little cabin in the woods but we learned if we are going to do this again we will rent Cabin #2 because #2 is beach front while Cabin #2 is like the house across the street from the house on the beach - just not the same but with a view. The cabin was small but HUGE. It had six bunk style beds - we all slept in ONE large bed. This type of camping was much cleaner, more comfortable and much less work so it felt like we camped with all of the dirt and grit of camping but we did not feel nearly as dirty nor were we nearly as exhausted on Sunday when we returned.

This location was just a quick drive from our house to the camp area. It is a HUGE beautiful spread out camping area with camp hosts instead of a camp store. We loved it and we will definitely return. All of the sites from the walk in sites to the cabins were rustic and meticulously maintained. The beach area with the lovely beach host, Nancy, was spotless. All the hosts were mostly retired folks in the 55+ crowd. They were charming and we were entertained by seeing them all weekend.

At first being near the lake with all of the noise of boats and jet skis seemed a little off putting. I thought No WAY are we going to see wild life but there were tons of birds, several raccoons including one particular raccoon that tried to enter our cabin to steal our food and scare the wits out of Matthew (and me when I saw him walk up to the door nonchalantly at 10p the first night), the momma and baby deer who fed in the ravine right by our fire pit at dawn and dusk - we had front row seats and Matthew kept saying 'momma-baby deer' upon seeing them - we had the opportunity to we gaze at them for more then an hour and, the best of all, the chip monkeys. Kevin and Matthew went down to watch the boats going back and forth near our camp area and they saw a little chipmunk. Kevin said "Look Matthew a chipmunk" and Matthew promptly turned to Kevin and said "Chip monkeys!" very excitedly. This was second only to Matthew calling the crabs Crabsters in Seattle!

We hit the beach a bunch - Matthew never left the water the whole time. He was very good in the water too - see those lessons are paying off! He wanted to walk on his own without fear in the up to three feet area and he laughed his head off at all of the little boys who wanted to talk and play with him (they were six and they were the sweetest kids despite their parents... more on that another time...) The weather in Indiana has been to die for the past few weeks (okay to die for might be a poor choice of words because our lawn and some of our plants are paying the price...) The weather was in the 90s and while it was warm, the woods and shade from the trees made it just right!

Oh and, randomly, we rented a paddle boat - Matthew shrieked "fish" every time one would jump up in front of us. He also thought that when we said dragonfly we were talking about Dragon Tails - we had to explain that dragonflies are not related to Dragon Tails in any way - I am not convinced he now knows the difference but we tried...

And why is it that camp coffee is just so dang good? I love the coffee that comes out of the percolating coffee pot grounds and all. In fact, camp food in general tastes like heaven. Maybe because it is more work or all the sun, sand & wildlife makes one more hungry but things that would seem downright inedible or that we would turn our noses up at home, are perfect at camp. Like slightly overcooked scrambled eggs, slightly burned English muffins and turkey burgers with burned corn husk on them! I love food cooked over an open fire and/or a Coleman stove! AND SMORE'S! Yummers.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures but I have the best memories of the weekend. My favorite was the first morning Kevin and Matthew walked down to look at the boats (a favorite activity) and Matthew popped a squat next to Kevin sort of crossed legged and they watched the boats go by for about 10 minutes. With the sun shining all around them dappled by the leaves - I wished at that moment I could have snapped a photo - I felt like Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown going click with my finger.

Matthew also wanted to say "good night" to the boats each night and thought the bugs were the bomb... God I love this kid more then any words can explain. What a weekend...

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