Tuesday, June 12, 2007


That is what Matthew calls and I find it very cute - not sure why...

I was reading Parents magazine last night and I actually learned a lot from the article on Suncream for babies and toddlers. Of course, they do not post their articles online so if you have an extra $3.50 buy it, or you are at the library and can check that mag out or have friend (namely me) who will lend it you once she is done with it, I would urge you to read it.

I was surprised to learn a few things and I was reminded of some others like trying to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out doors. They also had some startling stats like any color basically means your skin has been damaged and if you get burned 5 times in childhood that you are largely increased risk of having skin cancer.

I have recently been made keenly aware of skin cancer as my partner in crime here at work was recently diagnosed with skin cancer on her nose and cheek and another colleague had massive surgery to remove large amount of skin cancer on his neck and back. It is a scary thing so please oh please remember to keep these babes all covered up and coated in the white stuff.

Here is a decent article about the sun CREAM
- I would still read the other one in Parents though!

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