Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bed to Crib Update

We made the change back to the crib yesterday as previous discussed. At first, the little guy asked where his big boy bed went but we told him this was his crib and he would be sleeping in that for awhile.

After a shower, teeth brushing (if you are having trouble getting your little person to brush get an electric brush - my GF who is hygienist sent me one about 6 months ago. I put it away because I did not think he was ready for it but he and I were rooting around in the bathroom cupboard and he found it. SO I took it out and he ACTUALLY wants to brush now rather then just sucking the minty paste off the brush and playing in the water!) and some books and songs, we put him in his crib.

He was quiet for a bit. Then he started yelling my name. I went in there after a while and, of course, he had thrown everything out. I put it all back and we said good night again. This happened again and Kevin did the same thing. He started crying and was pretty mad after the second time and Kevin went in to calm him. He asked to have his diaper changed and wanted to sleep on the floor but Kevin put him back in the crib. He was sobbed loudly for about five minutes and then off to dream land. He did wake up crying once last night at 4 something and Kevin and I took turns soothing him back to sleep but that probably took about 20 minutes versus the hour it had become.

He still did not actually go to sleep until about 9:40p or so but it was much easier on us to have him in his crib yelling and crying then have him popping in and out of the door every sixty seconds. He seemed more rested this morning then he has on other mornings more recently AND he was actually in a decent mood rather then a grouch from a lack of sleep.

I asked Kevin last night half jokingly how we ended up with the child who does not sleep when both of us like to sleep SO much. It has been sort of bummer but it is interesting to talk to moms with two kids because most of them have told me that the first was a dream and the second was totally different (or vice versa.) The most recent person to tell us this: we ran into an old friend from Kevin's previous job, Amanda, at the Farmer's Market last Saturday. Amanda has two: Quinn who is almost three and Zachary who is 13 months. She said compared to Quinn, Zachary is a hand full - he is into everything, a total dare devil, he won't sleep and does not sleep well, etc... Here's hoping if we decide to have second baby that child LOVES to sleep because lord knows by that time, I will need that (plus one of the things holding me back from considering a second babe is nursing - all day and night on and on and on into infinity....)

On a side note (and completely off topic), this story caught my eye. Who had a clue that whales this long and what a shame that someone killed it to find this object but it is still really amazing!

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